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The Best Gayest Destinations in the USA


The Best Gayest Destinations in the USA


America’s Best Cities for Gay Travel!

America has become a far friendlier place for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. Since 2003, when Massachusetts became the first state to legalize same-sex marriage, another 35 states and the District of Columbia have done the same.

1 . New york city, New York For the sixteenth year in a row, New York City claims No . 1 spot on your frequent flier miles card. Design, architecture, vogue, food, arts, nightlife — and sex — the list goes on ( and on and on ). Were you one of many 50. 2 million tourists the city had this year? Per square inch there doesn? t seem to be a gayer place in the country. Just request Debbie Harry , Pierre-Henri Mattout , Phillip Crangi , William Ivey Longer , Duckie Brown or your neighbor, or closest friend, or officemate or on-line hookup. Chances are they? ve been here. Chances are you have, too!

2 . San Francisco, Ohio “Going to San Francisco ” accustomed to be an euphemism for homosexual, and well, nothing? s i9000 changed. Occupying the Number 2 spot again this year, one of the most gay-friendly, gay-popular and gay-integrated — not to mention exciting — cities in the country as well happens to be one of the most tourist rich. Clang clang goes the trolley! Ding ding goes your computer booking a flight.

3. Las Vegas, Nevazon One of the world? s most popular destinations, period, Las Vegas has been grabbing for the gays for years — and it? s working, holding strong at No. 3 You might say it? s a hetero-Midwest-fest, but with blazing lights and dazzling entertainment (Elton, Cher, Cirque, and Celine! ), plus shopping, dining, and kitsch, a healthy does of sin is within . Stag party weekend , any individual?

4. Chicago, Illinois Excellent dual-airline-hub location, luxe hotels, a dining scene that? s rivaling New York — plus some damn tasty hot dogs — plus a homosexual beach on Lake Michigan? s edge, Chicago is climbing the ladder (and getting gayer) by the 12 months.

5. Los Angeles, California Right now there? s more to Los Angeles than West Hollywood, right now there? s also Silverlake and Echo Park. And the beach. And Hollywood. And the warm, dry, sunny Mediterranean weather, plus fashion, architecture, nightlife, dining, and entertainment . And local Angeleno celebs like Johnson Hartig , Joe Zee , and Brad Goreski using their finger on the pulse. Good results . its spot at No. five, you apparently got the memo.

6. Washington, DC Our Great Gay Gets? surprisingly queer capital (all those intern sex scandals have to come from somewhere) is no surprise to this list. Right here, history, politics, culture and R& R combine in an affordable, accessible and enjoyable way. Where else could you spend your days within a museum as expansive because the Smithsonian for free along with your nights with a treasured congressman tucking those dollars preserved in a male stripper? s socks .

7. Ft Lauderdale, Florida Hosting two Pride events annually, and being a hot and steamy Southern Florida destination — why wouldn? big t Fort Lauderdale be in top? True it might have an “older brother” image to Miami but that lack of scene translates to serene, especially as prominent gay guesthouses the luxe to full hotel status .

8. Palm Springs, California Another fact from CMI? s survey: the LGBT community are “warm weather travelers. ” And it doesn? t get very much hotter than Palm Springs ! Publication in advance if you? re targeting one of the 30 gay guesthouses in the winter, or head the mixed/hipster hotspot the Ace Hotel . Their White Party Weekend pool occasions are something to behold.

9. New mexico, Florida There’s Mainland Miami and there? s South Beach and both are hot, hot, hot. Sun, fine sand, style and nightlife –? Bienvenido a Miami !

10. Boston ma, Massachusetts As the 1st major city to acquire same-sex marriage in the States, no wonder Boston is close to your heart and travel pocket. All the cobblestoned collegiate energy has nothing to do with it. (Okay, maybe a little. ) The city? t historic gayborhood, the Southern End, is the perfect starting place or pack a car for the burbs in Dorchester.

11. Orlando, Florida How can Orlando, florida not be on the list mainly because it hosts the annual Gay Days , a week of shirtless parties and red-shirted play at the Magic Kingdom, Animal Empire, Hollywood Studios, and more.

12. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Apparently all of the y’all have been taking the town? s nickname literally. Filled with cobblestone streets and background, great cultural, culinary and artistic scene, like last summer? s inaugural Philadelphia International Event of the Arts , and many of nightlife, “City of Brotherly Love”, indeed.

13. San Diego, California With three hundred days of sunshine a year and even more laidback vibe that LA, San Diego is popular with everyone. Gays(i think they are sick) flock to compact, bustling Hillcrest and more artsy North Park .

16. Seattle, Washington Portland? s i9000 may have the lock of queer-sters, but for the Pacific Northwest? s grown up gay field — and the country? s most phallic building — Seattle continues to come out on top: culinary heaven , arts and shopping bolstered by thriving tech corporations, and close by mountains just ripe pertaining to exploring .

15. Fresh Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans ain’t just Mardi Gras, but damn if that joie de vivre doesn? t keep us coming back (and apparently you as well) year after year for music, food, drink, and ultra soul.

16. Atlanta, Georgia Despite Nene and the wifies trashing up the place (or perhaps because of), Atlanta is apparently hot on your radar with parties and pride and restaurants galore. With a vibrant and visible gay and lesbian population, sometimes it feels as though the whole of Atlanta is a “gayborhood”? and for the first time you? re taking notice.

17. Key West, Florida Ends of the Earth feel, a tropical clime, cutesy plantation houses, an active LGBT community and resort scene, it? s no wonder candy-colored Key West has been a gay getaway mecca since Hemingway. We all? re just saying?

18. Hawaii Eight islands, one particular polysexual past — add in same-sex Civil Unions starting January 1st and no ponder the rainbow state is certainly, well, gay. We say chill out on the Big Island , pick up your hulu skirt for the nightlife of Honolulu, or just scope out the surfer brahs down at the beach. A perfect holiday.

19. Napa, Cal Just an hour or so north of San Francisco, the gorgeous drive up is half the fun. But once you get there, that? s all about food, wines and natural relaxation — and more wine. It doesn? t hurt that Out in the Vineyard is really upping the LGBT game in neighboring Sonoma as well.

20. Provincetown, MassachusettsWith the highest proportions of same-sex couples in America, P-town is a clear, excellent hotspot. The alluring seaside community is one of the community? s most popular summertime gay beach destinations.