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Circumcised Penis Vs. Non-Circumcised Penis

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Circumcised Penis Vs. Non-Circumcised Penis


To Circumcize or Not To Circumcize: A Clear-Cut Answer

OK, I’ll “cut” to the chase. I think that infant circumcision amounts to genital mutilation. What on god’s green earth provides anyone the proper to lop off a piece of your dick for no reason and, even worse, without your permission? I’m 100% against infant circumcision unless there is a life-threatening reason to take action. Barring that, it should NEVER be done. If, as an adult, you decide that you wish to remove a totally functional and important little bit of your body, after that knock yourself out. But no one- not even parents- have the authority to create that kind of decision on someone else’s behalf. The foreskin includes a purpose- if it isn’t designed to be there, why are men born with it?

Don't cut my penis!

I know some guys think that uncut is “unclean”. But let’s be realistic, basic hygiene is all that’s really had a need to prevent this from as an issue. I’ve heard a lot of guys say that they have a preference for cut- end up being it for visible or other factors. This is really just a consequence of social conditioning. What if no guy had ever been circumcized? Then no one would know the difference and everyone would believe that uncut is regular. I’ve also heard that circumcision reduces the chance contracting an STI. I haven’t read or seen the studies therefore i can’t say whether I consent or not, but I think that the benefits of having foreskin far outweigh the risks.

Did you know there’s such a thing as foreskin restoration? Yes. Google it. There are thousands of men around the globe who would like their foreskins back. Reason range from aesthetics to enhanced sensitivity. Some guys have also taken legal actions against their parents and doctors for circumcizing them. On the plus part, infant circumcision is usually in decline, as people (including doctors) recognize it as an unnecessary procedure. Ideally this barbaric practice will ultimately come to an end.

circumcision in different countries

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