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Fancy going on holiday with your hot Instagram crush? Well, now you can…


Fancy going on holiday with your hot Instagram crush? Well, now you can…


Ready for the trip of a lifetime?

We’ve all been there. Scrolling through our Instagram feed on a Sunday morning, desperately liking every photo of our latest crush in the hope that they’ll ‘slide into our DMs’ or give us that elusive follow back.

Well, now you can get closer than you ever imagined thanks to QueerPlans, a brand-new service that allows you to share a vacation with your idols – that’s everyone from Instagram models to drag superstars.

QueerPlans describe themselves as “an innovative platform that oversteps the digital barriers of meeting the LGBTQ+ personalities we admire across social channels. Meeting your idols never got easier.”

Monthly trips, beginning in March 2018, are aimed at every niche you can think of, including jocks, BDSM, bears, drag queens or twinks and daddies, with each trip featuring a number of international social media influencers for fans to meet.

The action-packed, 7-day vacations will take holiday-makers on an unique experience to Madrid and Barcelona, with options to customise activities and the guys they’ll meet to suit any budget.

But who can you expect to mingle with while you’re in sunny Spain?

So far, the impressive list of young models announced includes Niko Wirachman, Kevin Benoit, Miles Kennelly, Andee Chua, Tal Rubin, Ken Summers, Daniel Shoneye, Guilherme Rotta, Hugo Liu and Francesco Caresta.

If that doesn’t whet your appetite, we don’t know what will!

For those of you who prefer to travel alone, but are worried about meeting others like you, QueerPlans have got you covered, as there’ll be online chat groups for participants to get to know each other and plan activities together before they set off on their travels.

There’s also the option to take part in a room match program, where solo travellers can arrange to share a room with someone they like, saving money and making friends in the process.

To keep up to date with the latest influencers announced for the vacations and even get the chance to win free trips, make sure you follow QueerPlans on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter at @QueerPlans.

For more information or to book this once in a lifetime experience, visit queerplans.com


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