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Gay student campaigns against same-sex marriage, says it will “destroy” Australia


Gay student campaigns against same-sex marriage, says it will “destroy” Australia


Really, queen?

A student at Queensland University, who identifies as gay himself, has been filmed campaigning against same-sex marriage, claiming it will “destroy everything that is good about Australia”.

Joining forces with the anti-gay marriage Our Voice Our Vote group, the man, named only as Wilson, led a protest calling for people to vote ‘No’ in the ongoing marriage equality postal vote in Australia.

“We’re here today because we support marriage as it has always been – between one man and one woman,” he said.

“And I am here specifically because I’m a gay man. I’m a gay conservative who wants to see marriage the way it is. They want to drown us out, they want to drown me out, they want to speak for me.

“There are thousands of gay people in this country who are against same-sex marriage, who see the effects that it will have on the family, on schools, on politics, on churches.”

When confronted by crowd members who spoke in support of equality, he continued: “These people hate us. They call us Nazis, bigots and homophobes. Where’s the real hatred here?”

“They cannot call me a homophobe. The entire way they’re going about their debate is shouting us down.

“[They are] people who want to destroy everything that is good about Australia. They want to introduce radical gender ideology into schools.”

Australia’s former prime minister Tony Abboy, who has been a staunch campaigner against marriage equality, later shared the video on his Facebook page in an attempt to support his bigotry.

“Supporters of same-sex marriage say they are concerned about the bigotry and intolerance that will be whipped up by the plebiscite now going ahead,” he wrote.

“So far, it’s the supporters of change, not the opponents, who’ve been responsible for bullying and hate speech.”

Australia is currently taking part in an ongoing postal vote on the issue of marriage equality, and while the result won’t be binding, it will give politicians a better idea of what the public wants when they perform a vote in parliament.

A recent poll suggested that 63% of Australians intend to vote in favour of same-sex marriage, but LGBT+ activists have criticised the $122 million procedure, as it will likely give homophobes a platform to voice hate – which it already has.


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