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Here are a few really great gay love memes, ads and quotes that just nails it.

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Here are a few really great gay love memes, ads and quotes that just nails it.


Usually the trend setters, gays have not been afraid of embracing great concepts and many of the best memes out there are gay related.

According to Wikipedia, a meme (/ˈmiːm/ meem) is definitely “an idea, behaviour, or perhaps style that spreads for every person within a culture. ”

Memes can come in many forms but they have in common that they carry suggestions from one mind to another by using a mimicked theme. And they are widely used to make a statement, question its status, or just to illustrate the earth around us.

The word meme is a shortening of mimeme, meaning “imitated thing”.

Below are a few of the best gay memes we discovered related to gay love within the Internet.

1. Gay men

I say this would be in the it’s-so-true gay memes category: “Gay guys: -What my friends believe I do. -What my mom believes I do. -What society considers I do. -What religious fools think I do. -What I believe I do. -What I really carry out. ”

2. We are certainly not

A great gay meme regarding equality: “We are not further class citizens”

3. Allstate

An ad can also be a meme: “Being visible should not leave you feeling vulnerable”

4. My daddies

Family gay and lesbian meme: “My daddies are worthy of equal rights”

5. Therefore lets get this straight

Infographic: “So lets get this straight…: -Charlie Sheen can make a pron family. -Kelsey Grammer finished his 15 year marital life over the phone. -Larry Ruler is on divorce quantity 9. -Britney Spears a new 55 hour marriage. -Jesse James & Tiger Woods (whilst married) were having sex with everyone. But somehow it really is same-sex marriage that is going to “Destroy the institution of marriage”. Really? ”

6. Homosexuality

Absolutely true meme: “Homosexuality is not a choice. Homophobia is. ”

7. Simba

Lion Ruler: “Two men raised Simba and he turned out fine”

8. Tim Gunn

Bernard Gunn: “People against equal sex marriage say it is going to tear the social cloth of society. Do you really think that gay people would whatever it takes to harm fabric? ”

9. Your grandkids

“There was a time when homosexual people couldn’t get married?! ” -Your grand kids found in 20 years

10. Gay matrimony condemned

Saturday Night Currently: “This week, gay relationship was officially condemned simply by an older, single man within the cape”

11. If homosexual marriage is legal…

An additional it’s-so-true meme: “What may happen if gay marriage can be legalized? -Gay people can get married. -A third World Battle will break out, various troubles – locusts, frogs, and so forth – will erupt. -Schools will begin teaching kids how you can have gay sex. -The terrorists will win. ”

12. Marriage illegal

Incorrect anymore, but still a great a single: “-Married for 72 times: LEGAL. -Married for 13 months: LEGAL. -Together pertaining to 8 years: Marriage unlawful. ”

And remember to appreciate the gay memes, folks.


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