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Thanks For Visiting, My Dear Gay Friends!

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Thanks For Visiting, My Dear Gay Friends!


Hey guys! Do you miss me? I am sorry for departing you high and dried out there but Gay Dude was as well active caring about himself to value other people’s problems. Simply kidding! Not kidding. To create it your decision though, I’m going to provide you with a supersize edition of Dear Gay Dude by answering a small number of your questions rather of just one. It’ll end up like running an assistance marathon!

Dear Gay Dude: Who Bones Who?
Dear Gay Dude,
Some gay dudes prefer to get sex in the bum, some prefer to give it. How can you know who is who?

-Top, Bottom, Meet Me IN THE CENTRE

Dear Top, Bottom, Meet up with Me In The Middle,

Discerning who is a high and who’s a bottom could be tricky biz. The stereotypes would cause you to believe that males who prefer to top are usually the even more assertive and “masculine” one whereas bottoms are usually femme and submissive. If you ask me, however, you kind of have to go with your gut. Fortunately for those folks who are sexually persistent, it seems like a growing number of gay males are embracing versatility nowadays and abolishing the rigid confines of experiencing just one single preference. Thank God because of this because two bottoms do not make a high and vice versa. I’ve been with dudes who I assumed had been this or that and, oops, it proved they weren’t! Cut to us during intercourse jointly being like, “No, you perform it. I don’t wanna. You do it!” In those circumstances, you’re actually stuck between a rock and his rock.

Generally, however, the dynamic I’ve had with someone beyond your bedroom mirrors the one we’ve inside so don’t sweat trying to find it all out. In the event that you actually want to sleep with somebody, you’ll look for a way for two to be one.


Gay Dude

Dear Gay Dude: Reading Butt Magazine Makes Me personally Depressed!
Dear Gay Dude,

I actually love/live for Butt magazine but whenever We read it, I usually feel type of depressed. It’s essentially a couple of interviews with popular gay men who end up in the most beautiful homosexual circumstances. Does every gay guy head to underground sex celebrations, have a great deal of boyfriends, and a large group of gay friends? Personally i think like I’m really missing out because I just have a small number of gay close friends and I don’t really rest around. I do want even more of a “gay way of life” but I’m uncertain how to start it. Please help!

-Depressed By Butt

Dear Depressed By Butt,

I’m feeling this question about so many amounts. First and foremost, I will let you know that I also like Butt magazine. I interviewed for an internship with them when I was in university and they even published among my sex reviews! Personally i think like it provides a healthful and positive narrative in what it means to become gay in today’s society and it’s an ideal antidote to Out-a magazine I don’t relate with at all as I’m sure you don’t either. But I totally know how it might bum you out as well. Reading these interviews with sexy gay males and hearing tales about their crazy sexual exploits makes me occasionally feel like I’m not really leading a “gay enough” existence either. It noises ridiculous, huh? Because there’s no right or wrong method to be gay. Hearing in regards to a group sex party may appear exciting but if you’re even more into monogamy, you then wouldn’t want to go anyhow! I believe what you’re missing can be this feeling of being part of a gay community. Every man who’s featured in Butt appears to become entrenched in it therefore i understand why you could experience a tad alienated. Sometimes it feels as though the people who have a great deal of gay friends are a component of some secret culture and you simply need to look for a way in. However in order to meet up new queers, you merely need to move to as much gay events as possible. Head to gay bars! Join Buttheads on the Butt site. I’ll do it in the event that you will!


Gay Dude

Dear Gay Dude: MUST I GO OUT With A Gay Republican?
Dear Gay Dude,

Last night, I was getting together with a few friends at among the best gay bars in West Hollywood, whenever a guy approached me and we started chatting. He was 22, had just graduated from university, and had lately moved to LA for function. Overall, he seemed completely normal. In some way, the conversation took hook turn in the political path and that’s when he finally “arrived to me,” as they say. As a Republican.

I get that people gays are said to be about acceptance and tolerance (that’s what the Rainbow Flag is about, ideal?) but I couldn’t help but end up being mortified by his Republican life style. He didn’t use terms like “moderate” or “fiscally conservative” – he was extremely explicit in his Republicanism. I’m confident I tuned out for the others of this conversation, my mind as well preoccupied by racking your brains on how “gay” and “Republican” could exist within they without creating an explosion of hypocrisy. Just what exactly do you consider Gay Dude? Are gay Republicans as complicated and objectionable as I believe they are, or perform I have to be more open-minded?

Most Sincerely,

A Politically Intolerant Gay

Dear Politically Intolerant Gay,

Oh honey, I believe you met a VACATION CABIN Republican. I had found out about these folks but haven’t fulfilled one in the flesh. I honestly believed these were an urban legend.

Okay so here’s the offer, politics could be a deal breaker. Everything depends on just how much you care and attention about that sort of stuff, which I’m guessing for you personally will be a lot. I’m not likely to lie; I would become weirded out by a diehard gay Republican as well but if indeed they were really cool, I’d definitely dip my feet within their pool for a sec to find easily liked the temperature. Also essential questions to ponder: How warm was he and do you consider he has a large dick? Ha!

Gay Dude

Dear Gay Dude: HOW DO YOU Show My Gay Best Friend To Piss Off?
Dear Gay Dude,

Recently my finest friend and my gay guy friend experienced a fight. They still possess not made up so in order to avoid any awkwardness, we go out individually. Since we ditched our gay friend though, we’ve been having a lot more fun. It’s like we are able to have a girls particular date without having to get worried about our gay friend getting awkward while we discuss our bikinis, and we are able to hang out with direct dudes without making them sense awkward. Personally i think so bad about departing our gay friend behind constantly. but I can’t keep in mind the last time we’d so much fun. Will there be an easy way to simply tell him that sometimes young ladies simply need to hang around girls?

-Feeling Bad For Feeling SO EXCELLENT

Dear Feeling HARMFUL TO Feeling So Good,

This so funny because just yesterday evening, I was speaking with my gay friend about how exactly we had a need to have a boys particular date without our girlfriends. Appear, don’t feel bad! Everyone must enforce some gender segregation occasionally in their social lifestyle. I’m sure your gay friend is usually living it up elsewhere along with his gay close friends and if not, he ought to be. Go perform you, babe. He should comprehend your dependence on some hetero girl period. If he doesn’t, after that he’s desperado and clingy. No fun!

Yours sincerely,

Queer Guy.


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