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The Dreamy Coming Out


The Dreamy Coming Out


Dude, Your Boyfriend is Gay!

About a year ago I agreed to come out to my parents because someone on EC and I decided to do it on the same day. This really helped me because I wanted to tell them but I never could find a good time. I was waiting for the golden opportunity to tell them but it never came so I just decided fuck it and one night I told them I had something to tell them and it was serious so whenever they were ready to talk to me they should come get me. They surprised me by saying they were ready then. So I sat down and got ready to tell them. I was shaking and sooo scared but since I told them i had something important to tell them I couldn’t back down.

So I just told them I’m gay. They were really shocked at first and I told them how I was still me. My mom was totally cool with it, my dad not so much. He said he didn’t really believe me and was waiting for the right girl to some along. But they said they still loved me. After I left I kept thinking I made a huge mistake and I was still worried abut also relieved. After that my mom came up and gave me a hug and said she still loved me. That helped calm me down. To this day me and my mom can openly talk about it and its only a little awkward. My dad just doesn’t talk about it. I think he’s given up on me being the jock-ish son he wanted but I don’t care. Its kinda awkward with him still but he’s my dad and im his son and we get along for the most part.

Ok so I wanted to come out at school my freshman year but my parents thought it was a bad idea. They said I should wait till sophomore year so i have a smooth freshman year and can focus on academics. I didn’t like the idea much but it make sense so I held off on coming out that year. It also let me get to know people without them just knowing me as “that one gay kid”. I did tell a few friends who were girls but other then that I didn’t tell a soul.
And the coming out story just kinda dies for a long time. It picked back up 2 weeks into freshman year, about 3 weeks ago. I am sitting at my lunch table filled with ppl I don’t know or used to know and lost contact with. I sat there cuz I didn’t know anyone in that lunch period that wasn’t in band, and the band people were gone 1st half of lunch. So one of them is talking and I hear she is bi. We talk and I get her number for texting and stuff. I come out to her and we we talked a lot about LGBT stuff. She told me about the GSA at our school. I decided to join. The first meeting was a blast and I met a ton of cool people there. A few of them were out to the whole school.

After joining the GSA I decided to come out. I started telling people at the end of the day in math and it spread fast. I then put it on facebook. It was funny but weird because no one talked about it to my face. After a few days my friends talked to me about it. i was dreading this but it turned out great. They were glad I was able to come out and were cool with it. The talk about me was good too from what I heard but still not many are talking to me about it. Its been many months since it happened and things are better then ever. I made all new friends and I love them. Coming out made my life a million times better


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