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This UK metropolis has been voted the best place pertaining to LGBT+ families


This UK metropolis has been voted the best place pertaining to LGBT+ families


The UK capital London has taken start, according to a new survey.

Lifecake – a visual storytelling platform for childhood photos – conducted a review of 2, 000 people to measure the evolution of modern relatives life in the UK today.

A tough 75% of respondents reported that the UK is the best place for LGBT+ parents, with London selected as the very best city for them to live in.

It absolutely was followed by Brighton, Manchester and Oxford, with Bradford : Belfast coming in last.

The results found a modern shift in attitudes toward how UK citizens see and treat LGBT+ households – alongside not constraining the gender boundaries of young children.

42% of teenagers said they’re in favour of gender-neutral parenting, with 70 percent of men and 65% of women in agreement that men are taking a more lively role in parenting when compared to a decade ago. The number of stay-at-home dads has risen by 111, 000 in 93 to 232, 000 in 2017.

In 2015/16, on the lookout for. 6% of all adoptions in britain were by LGBT father and mother. Between 2007/2008, there were just 80 adoptions by homosexual couples in England. By 2015-2016, this increased to 435.00.

“The family dynamic in britain has undergone a remarkable change within a relatively brief space of time, with a shift away from traditional nuclear family”, Lifecake co-founder Ed Botterill reported of the research.

“Our examine shows how social thinking have evolved to indicate new these new spouse and children types. ”