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Gay Blind Dates

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Gay Blind Dates


My best friend told me that his friend back home would be perfect for me, and I’m willing to give it a try. How often do relationships that start this way work out? Is it more awkward to meet like ‘oh, hey, you’re as cute as you are in your pictures’ than the normal way? Or am I freaking out over nothing?

I’d wager a million dollars that every gay man in America has at least been offered a blind day, or the very least has heard, “I want you to meet my friend. He’s soooo cute..” by numerous girls at parties, pubs, and bar mitzvahs.

Why does every woman play matchmaker? Do they not think we can find men ourselves – I mean some of us can’t, but that’s another issue. Just because two guys are gay does NOT mean that they’ll be compatible one to the other. There is more to chemistry than the actual fact that both folks like males.

Afterwards, the girl usually gets on her phone to show you a Facebook picture of the man in question, laughing proudly at the possible love connection she may have made. It’s like we’re a project.

Despite the fact that it’s annoying, you might be surprised that the homosexual community has the largest number of blind dates per 12 months than any other, according to surveys on dating websites. Maybe there’s something to these mutual friend hook ups in the end.

There is a kind of pride when it comes to blind times. It’s like someone is doing your homework for you. Some people like to sit back and let another person do the work, but others like to get it done themselves because they are too picky and stubborn to trust someone else’s likes.

Blind schedules come in four ways. One way is the kind where you see a guy and he is completely gorgeous from head to toe. Perfect teeth, great body, nice style… but he’s a total a**hole. Another way is the opposite. He’s a little frumpy, not very attractive and maybe even revolting, but his personality sways you. He grows on you in just those few hours and soon, you’re looking at him in a different way. Second date?

The third can be good and bad, depending on how you look at it. There he’s: smoking hot and a personality to boot! What do you do with this? You were expecting Gollum and instead you got Vigo! It can be intimidating if you aren’t careful. Worst case situation is you fluster your words and drop your drink all over your shirt because you were too busy taking a look at his chest locks.

The absolute worst is a guy who shows up and it is revolting with the personality of the caveman. A total animal too embarrassing to go out with anywhere. This is my experience – trust me, it doesn’t end in a good way.

Just a warning: before you go on the blind date, look at the source where it came. If it were my best friend that told me about this wonderful guy she wanted me to meet, I’d probably be more prepared to explore it than if it were an acquaintance I barely knew. Most likely if you don’t know the person, she is just wanting to play matchmaker and is playing her game, not yours.

She is not a matchmaker, and this isn’t Fiddler on the Roof.


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