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Gay Conversion Therapy is Torture

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Gay Conversion Therapy is Torture


Gay conversion therapy is harmful and doesn’t work

One of the most shocking things that the gay community has been put through is homosexual conversion therapy. Mostly it has been a complete creation of religious groups attempting to try and switch a homosexual person directly, henceforth, putting them on the road to “salvation.” First of all, I just want to point out that the American Psychological Association (APA) does not consider homosexuality a mental disorder. APA is used as one of the primary centers of quarrels when disputing mental disorders in court.

Actually, APA wrote a statement in 1997 that completely condemned conversion therapy by saying that society, prejudice, and pressure are the main weight on gay people’s mental health – aint it great to learn that we’re right?

Even major psychologists have known this for almost a hundred years. In 1920, Sigmund Freud said that homosexuality is nothing at all to be ashamed of, no vice, no degradation; it cannot be classified as a mental illness. If only other psychologists were up to date like him; some were so adamant that homosexuality can be cured that they proceeded to go even as far as replacing homosexual’s testicles with that of a straight persons – but the balls proved to wrong.

It wasn’t until 1973 that APA decided homosexuality was not a mental disease that conversion treatments stopped getting backed. This was the time these were starting to do shock treatments to in some way excite the brain cells into the “right of passage.”

But low and behold, spiritual fanatics insisted that there was something to these treatments – not done in a scientific way, however in a therapeutic way – sessions with the aim of bringing God in to the conversation, using his power as the remedy. One of these conversion groups is called “Jonah,” and Jewish organization dedicated to educate the Jewish community about the factors which business lead to same sex appeal. They are currently being sued by four former clients.

Among Jonah’s classes involved a student being told by his therapist to strip down and touch himself to reconnect with his masculinity – I do that each day, does that produce me straight?

Countless studies have proven that these sessions do not work, in fact the majority of these clients leave with little or no change whatsoever. A lot of them leave with more shame about their intimate feelings, depression, suicidal thoughts, and so much anxiety they have no idea what to do with it. That is an issue that has become so widely spread, which is mostly being pushed by religious organizations. Most of these transformation groups’ main weapon of strategy is the rhetoric of salvation. If these clients are filled with so much pity, who do we think is to blame? Their own selves? I don’t think so.

You will be interested to know that most of these religious organizations use one specific study as evidence that their practice works, and the very doctor that did this research later retracted his statement in support of the gay community. Psychiatrist Robert Spitzer’s original study was based on interviews, NOT behavioral or psychological sessions. For a while, many conservative groups were relieved that they had a real psychiatrist on the side. He wrote an apology in 2012 to the homosexual community about his extremely flawed study.

Gay people are not science projects and the sooner we stop treating it as a disability, the earlier we can focus on things worth the effort – like curing cancer, HIV, and world peacefulness. Before we can solve world tranquility though, we need to make inner peace within ourselves. Most of our battles are brought on by lies.

Open your eyes to the truth. The truth should never hurt, in fact it sets you free.

The largest international organisation of psychiatrists has condemned therapies for sexual reorientation, calling them unethical, ineffective and harmful. “There is no scientific evidence that innate sexual orientation can be changed,” said the World Psychiatric Association in a statement. The organisation, which represents about 200,000 doctors around the world, also launched an appeal for homosexuality to be legalised in all countries. This position follows the recent document published by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights, according to which too many European doctors still consider homosexuality to be a disease.

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