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Gays And The Christian Church: Is a happy future possible?

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Gays And The Christian Church: Is a happy future possible?


It is sad that a normal occurrence in the church is the throwing out of homosexuals as members. I’ve seen it happen, I’ve experienced it, and I’ve once been guilty of it – years ago. In what seems like an awful defiant crime against morality is actually not, for the ultimate “betrayal” of God’s law is not that you’re gay, it’s that you allow others to take away your spirit.

We see on the news every day angry protesters (on either side) yelling and screaming their arguments about how the other is wrong. Amidst the cries of hate, there is a message – too blurred to hear – which is LOVE.

The Christians’ very purpose in life, according to the biblical belief they share, is spreading God’s message of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control – the fruit of the spirit, they call it. On the flip side of the coin, homosexuals are desperate for a voice. They’ve done nothing wrong in their eyes and all they want to do is love. Love who they want to love, love their country, and love who they are.

Love is the ultimate bond that ties our ever-fighting battle to the wrestling mats. Both argue that all they’re about is love and peace, yet we fight one another so viciously in hateful word vomit which we seem to regret later. I wonder if we stop and listen to each other – without violence, fighting, or judgments – we will realize that we have the same message.

Love is ultimately what makes the world go around. Not fame, success, or money (though I do love that song). Without it, we wouldn’t have realized our mistaken “logical” judgments of the Salem witch trials, slavery, segregation, and now… homosexuality. It’s funny how in every one of these examples, religion had played a role in supporting their arguments for them. When are we going to look underneath the words of the bible and see what lies?

The truth and the light are inside all of us, and no one has ever found it by being hateful or pointing fingers. Jesse Jackson said, “Don’t look down on anyone, unless you are helping them up.” I agree Reverend.

My message isn’t just for the church. There are plenty of gays that I know who are so burned by the church and it’s judgments that it has turned them completely toxic. Like a broken mirror, they’ve become a chipped version of themselves by letting the religious radicals scream their vitriol upon their character. They’ve soaked it till they were engulfed in self hatred, ultimately becoming their own weapon of revenge. What we need to realize is there are innocent people on either side.

If the gay community is going to change the government and the church’s opinions, it’s not going to be through hate, but with peace. Peace is contagious and it is the most unused form of compromise, yet we both claim that it’s what we do… so how do we start to practice what we preach? By changing the minds of the people in the LGBT community.

Church members: talk to the friends in your congregation – become the cure, not the poison. Members of the gay community: speak with your friends who are hurt and feel abandoned by their religious past, and bring them up by showing that love and acceptance in this world, does exist.

We must start a dialogue that is not set up by fear. Fear prevents people from seeing anything else. It is only this kind of dialogue that will turn ideas into logic. We are afraid of things we don’t understand, so we have to make people understand. That’s America’s history – changing it’s mind. In fifty years, how great would it be to look back and wonder how this was even an issue.

We need to grow by experience and birth new truths that have been blinded by hate to realize that hate is only misunderstanding.

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