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Homosexual Depictions In The Media


Homosexual Depictions In The Media


The gays have always had a love/hate relationship with the press. I’m sure we can all agree that depictions of homosexuals in TV and film haven’t been the best. It really is, after all, a major vessel that will subsequently motivate some sort of stereotype. We are how we’re depicted. It’s the magic power that is Hollywood.

The world of entertainment’s purpose is to pay the issues in which every day people are experiencing. Shakespeare once wrote in Hamlet, who was simply directing several stars in a scene, that their purpose was to “contain the mirror up to nature: showing virtue her feature, scorn her own image, and the age group and body of the time his form and pressure.” In other words, tell the tales as truthfully so that as accurately as if these were reflecting our very own souls, so the audience will dsicover it as a genuine representation of their own time.

In this time around, the world is starting to get a lot gay friendlier. We view it in our current legislation with homosexual marriage. We never could have dreamed this progress acquired it not been for society’s verification with the homosexual community. As people gradually began to understand the thought that homosexuals been around, it was just a matter of your time before it could veer its head in the political office. But what caused society to become more understanding? I’ll tell you: The Media. It gets the first and last say. Always.

Here’s what we need to understand: The Media is God. Whatever they say is the truth, even if it’s a lie. When you see continuous bashing of a community on the news or other stores, of COURSE it will eventually change your brain if you don’t see any opposing pushes to retract the theory. Individuals who work in media know this. The power is amazing – this is why superstars have so much influence.

Someone in Idaho who has never met Tyra Banks will feel like they know her since they watch her show every day. She becomes their finest friend and eventually, whatever she says, they have a tendency to part with. This is how press manipulation works. Now imagine if that source was providing hateful slurs… the effect is the creation of another awful thinker.

So what has the media done for the gays? Since the beginning of the camera, gays have always been depicted as feminine, girly, and in some cases evil. When Helps happened, the homosexual community was forcefully taken by the media as the facial skin of the condition. Though it got about two decades, we are slowly beginning to rid ourselves from that stigma. When Rock Hudson passed away of Supports 1985, not only did he create a new face for the disease, but for gay people as well. Abruptly we weren’t seen as disgusting, vile and immoral animals, and Helps wasn’t a lot viewed as our “punishment” for such behavior. This will eventually business lead to the play Angels IN THE US by Tony Kushner and Philadelphia starring Tom Hanks, both about Helps… holding the mirror up to character, eh?

When Ellen came out in 1997, it was one of the first major events in modern background that could change homosexual people’s depictions in the media forever. Not merely did it allow middle America to embrace openly gay heroes, but it paved just how for Will & Sophistication which opened doors of acceptance around the country.

With these new depictions of gay people on TV, it then created a stream of new thinking. Finally people known that the homosexual community was not how they were depicted, and during that time relationship equality became a part of conversation. You see the actual media can do?

Still although we’ve been observed in an optimistic light lately, will there be still enough homosexual representation in Film and TV? And if there is, the type of message are they telling young people?

The media has been both our greatest enemy and our closest friend. Our tales have to be informed accurately, rather than by people who suppose that they know everything in what it’s prefer to be gay in a homophobic society. The power that the mass media has can transform our planet, and we need to not take it lightly.

With regards to gays in the media, for me, we can’t have enough of them.


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