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Homosexuality is not a choice. (Not a lifestyle or a sin)

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Homosexuality is not a choice. (Not a lifestyle or a sin)


Modern science says homosexuality is not a choice. Need More Proof Being Gay It’s Natural? Here It Is!

A well-intentioned female said, “ I’ve gay friends but I don’t agree with their lifestyle”.

The well-intentioned woman is similar to numerous others who share her beliefs. In all aspects of their lives, these are kind, considerate, and fair-minded. This is until it comes to the main topic of homosexuality.

Others believe homosexuality to be always a “life choice” that can be managed and even changed. For some, it’s completely “unnatural” and shouldn’t be tolerated under any situation. Time and time again, these types of phrases are created with little understanding of the pain and harm they can cause. The “gay lifestyle” is only a stereotype. A term generates a poor reaction and should not be used.

Some heterosexuals find the mere considered gay sex nauseating but also for homosexuals, it’s as natural as life itself. This introduces the question. What’s natural? This body part should go here, however, not there which part doesn’t fit with that part, all sounds a little ridiculous. Naturality is within the eye of the beholder. Therefore, for the reason that sense, homosexual sex, by definition, is really as natural as heterosexual sex.

There was a period in the United States when homosexuality was considered a mental disorder, until 1973, when The American Psychological Association (APA) declassified homosexuality. Christian fundamentalists accused activists of pressuring the APA into the decision to declassify homosexuality. While some pressure was used, the final decision was made after Robert Spitzer, head of the nomenclature committee, observed some of his co-workers, in a gay pub, behaving normally. This prompted his action.

So homosexuals behave in as natural a way as heterosexuals. Homosexuality is nothing more than an alternative solution. It’s neither unpleasant nor unwell nor depraved. It’s just another aspect of human sexuality.

Some think that it’s possible to control your orientation and indeed, change it out. Neither homosexuality nor heterosexuality for example is a behavior that may be controlled. It’s true a person’s orientation can transform over time but there is no active control over this

This belief continues, particularly among Christians and other religious groups. “In the event that you put your mind to it, you can change,” or “Pray to god for help,” and the ridiculous “Marry someone of the contrary sex”. Ridiculous because the mere work of marrying someone of the opposite doesn’t change your orientation nor did it “fix” it. The capability to produce children neither is a reflection on orientation.

It’s no surprise so many homosexual people are losing curiosity about god. The demands placed on gay visitors to conform are demands that are impossible to meet and undesirable.

While there are situations or, at least, promises of orientation change, this will not indicate that someone has changed from gay to right. There tend to be circumstances behind the claims and the change is superficial. This can be for family, interpersonal or religious reasons. The easy simple truth is we can pick how to live our lives but we have no control over our orientation.

Most Christians in the US do not consider relationship a civil right yet married couples enjoy many civil benefits because of relationship. Couples who aren’t married are rejected the right to these same benefits. This creates an inequality in society and it is prejudiced against homosexual people. THE UNITED STATES Supreme Courtroom ruled, in 1967, that relationship is a basic civil right.

If God is against homosexuals, then homosexuality needs to be wrong. That’s the considering within the Christian community. It’s there in black and white in the bible. Which may be true, but does it certainly represent how society should be treating homosexuality. In the bible, homosexuality is discussed alongside rape, lust, incest and prostitution. Clearly, the bible was written at the same time when the views we held were much less informed and just a little less civilized. It shows the way homosexuality was viewed to be primitive and doesn’t represent modern society’s values. So it’s clearly absurd to be using the “God is against homosexuals” as a disagreement against homosexuality.

Being gay is part of the normal range of human sexuality, shows a new report that also states it’s not a mutation, but rather very much like the genetic regions that determine the colour of your hair.  Source: Health Advice, News & Information

A great cartoon explaining what it means to be gay – using actual scientific knowledge.


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