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Relationships, Masturbation And Romance In The Asexual Community

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Relationships, Masturbation And Romance In The Asexual Community


Asexual people find comfort in community

Ah, the asexuals. A lot of arguments are constantly being heard from all communities in all areas. Are they real? Are they just gay and in the closet? Are they just doing this for attention?

Well apparently they’re not. Works out the technology world is not unfamiliar with this term. They have gradually been doing research for the last twenty years and still is just a little skeptical about any of it. The only new thing about asexuality is that now a lot more people are discussing it, and it’s mostly thanks to David Jay.

Jay is the founder of AVEN, or Asexual Visibility and Education Network at www.asexuality.org. When you go to the website, the message is clear to you. “An Asexual person is a person who will not experience sexual attraction.” For most of the world, we find this a little too hard to believe – which is probably why they have 30,000 people.

As a member of the homosexual community, I know what it’s like to be victimized because of misunderstanding. I believe we all WANT to understand the Asexuality motion, but we refuse to because as gay men, we love sex!

Is that too blunt? Perhaps that is the honest reason the majority of us don’t give them a chance to explain themselves. I’ve seen many Asexual organizations who travel the country to all the Pride Parades and hand out flyers which gives detailed information about asexuals. When people get handed a flyer, the most common reaction is to look at them in disgust and throw it away. What is the deal?

So they don’t prefer to have sex. So they don’t get switched. So they don’t masturbate – wait… actually they do!

In the documentary (A)Sexual, they did a study of direct men, gay man, and asexual men. They were all given a questionnaire and were told to answer as truthfully as possible. Wouldn’t you know – asexuals masturbate just as often as the rest of us. Why? Evidently one of the asexuals described it as “cleaning the pipes.” Quite simply, there is no sexual thoughts through the process.

If there’s no sexual thoughts, then how do they get an erection to begin with?

That is the conundrum everyone is dealing with and trying to comprehend. The fact that asexuals declare that these are completely unaroused by intimate behavior leads me to think how they can make a partner happy. In most cases, they have to find another asexual partner which obviously is difficult. Getting to that point can take forever since most asexuals do not have a community to gather where they live. However it’s likely that, if you are walking down the street and also you see someone extremely happy – too happy – chances are they’re either Mormon or an Asexual – neither one has sex anyway.

Asexuals usually tend to be really happy people. That’s, once they accept the actual fact that they are not alone. Being completely unaffected by sex can be awful during your adolescence. Getting bullied is hard enough, but to also not have the ability to have a relationship or a virginity loss story is the cherry on a very hard high school career.

Whether you believe in asexuality or not, doctors and psychologists might soon have an answer. You can find research institutes that will work to find some sort of mutation in the mind that links to sexual desire. Till then, I think we should make a dating website – simply for asexuals.