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How to Remove Negative People from Your Life (Relationship Tips)

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How to Remove Negative People from Your Life (Relationship Tips)


When Toxic People Are Poisoning Your Life

Negative people in your life should come and go: friends, significant others, colleagues, classmates, etc. Negative people are drawn to people who are positive, empathetic and trusting by nature. A poor person is generally unhappy along with his or her life, is bitter, angry, judgmental, defensive, selfish and mean-spirited. Negative people whine and complain and bring others down to make themselves appear and feel better.

Negative people infect others using their negativity and have a draining influence on everyone around them. They are able to have a huge impact on you physically, emotionally and psychologically. Negative people immerse themselves in self-pity and are disappointed with their own lives but take no action to boost their circumstances.

Negative people can be manipulative of your time, resources and can negatively affect your other close relationships by being jealous and attempting to consume you. Negative people complain about trivial things, gossip, are selfish and can suck the life out of you!

There’s nothing worse than having a friend who’s a downer. They’re the people who don’t appreciate the easy things in life, like you do. The ones who draw you down when you’re feeling happy or deliver bad news when you just received very good news. These leeches are all over the place and you must understand that so long as they remain you, you will have more weight than necessary dragging behind you.

Life is hard as it is. We are always looking for the best ways of coping with our very own circumstances and when negativity rears it’s ugly face in, it’ll always reverse the improvement we’ve made…. i want to repeat that… It will always change the progress we’ve made.

Here’s how you can tell if someone is harmful to you: How do they make you feel? Do they cause you to feel bad? upset? depressed? guilty? timid? If you responded yes to any one of the things, why do you continue to put on with it? Is it the long background you’ve had with them? The need to have as much friends in your life as you can? Do you feel that person will some how be good for your career down the road?

And it doesn’t even need to be how they cause you to feel. Sometimes it’s precisely how their personality is – toned out. If they are an angry person, an insecure person, a selfish person – do you know what. You will wear yourself out a lot trying to make sure they are happy, that eventually their bad features will rub off you. It’s the natural rules.

Whenever we are adults, it’s the time when having negative people in our lives is most frequent. These are the years where we grow into our personalities and begin to make difficult choices. These choices will likely influence us for the rest of our lives – and this includes choosing individuals you wish to have around you. Bad affects will eventually draw you down a lot that there surely is no other option but to lower them off. It’s a long and painful process to learn, but it’s a lesson that each person gets at one point or another. Whether you are the one doing the dumping or the main one getting dumped… either way, you learn something about yourself.

Trimming someone off is never easy. It must be done cautiously, because the very last thing you want is a guilty conscience. When it happens, it needs to be for the goodness of both you, not just for your own pretentious fulfillment.

Probably the most mature way to handle this type of situation is to provide reasons why you’re deciding to distance yourself – without offending them. Say that on your own good, you need to be a component for while. Remind them that you like them, and that you’ll require to liberate to find yourself. The last thing you want to state are things like:

“You’re too dangerous for me….”
“You will need to get your sh*t collectively… “
… or something as pretentious as

“You’re ruining my growth…”
These exact things make a person hate your guts and believe me, you don’t want that kind of energy hanging over your shoulders afterwards. With that type of baggage, it’ll be like they never left and the whole thing would’ve been pointless. Your happiness is the most crucial thing here – that must ALWAYS come first. No matter just how many restless nights you’ve spent thinking about the specific way to handle this type of situation, the answer is always heading to rest in your heart.

I like to call my heart my “Happy Compass.”

If you are in a situation with someone that doesn’t cause you to feel 100% yourself, as if you are chipping away your true potential, and worse of most, like you are going backwards rather than moving forward – think about it…

Your heart is saying that you will be going in the wrong direction.