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Sexual Orientation Discrimination in the Workplace

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Sexual Orientation Discrimination in the Workplace


You would believe that our authorities has an anti-discriminatory law that protects homosexuals from getting fired or being harassed because of their orientation – guess what… it doesn’t!

Presently, 29 states in the us don’t have gay anti-discriminatory laws, this means they can refuse to hire them, hold their promotions, pay them less, and ignore office bullying – with NO consequences. Why haven’t people taken notice of this? It’s as though we’ve been concentrating on other guidelines too much an issue like this has been positioned on the trunk burner.

Have you ever heard of ENDA?

ENDA stands for the Employment nondiscrimination Take action. It’s legislation suggested to congress that would prohibit discrimination hiring and employment of sexual orientation or gender identification. ENDA has been introduced into every congress since 1994, and in 2007, gender identification protections were added to the bill. However, because they sensed that they wouldn’t experienced made it passed the home with the addition, they unfortunately took out the gender identity protections.

Fortunately, Rep. Barney Frank created a transgender-inclusive version of ENDA and released in 2011, accompanied by Sen. Jeff Merkley taking it to the Senate – and currently, Obama helps it’s passage.

However, Obama has didn’t issue an professional order that can end ALL homosexual discrimination. Almost one-fourth of America lies under the range of federal agreements. Before his election, it might have been a strategy never to bring this issue into the limelight – but could it be just me, or does Obama need to get his act as well as this issue?

Here’s a little gay history for you…

In the 1970s, it was a normal thing for police men to raid the gay bars, unexpectedly, and arrest all the patrons inside – like the bar owners. During this time of course, having gay sex was unlawful! In some areas, they wouldn’t even concern you a driver’s permit if you were an admitted homosexual.

Once they would raid the bars, the very next day in the newspaper would be all the names of the men arrested. In case your employer saw your name in the paper, he could fireplace you at that moment. You have to recognize that this wasn’t frowned upon, in reality, it was just the contrary. It was seen as a reputable move to make to fireplace homosexual workers. In those times, when you were in the closet, you were in truth in the closet. It wasn’t even until 2003, through Lawrence vs. Tx, that homosexual sex became LEGAL atlanta divorce attorneys state in the country. That was just ten years ago! Will & Sophistication is at it’s 6th season.

Looking back at our constant fight for equality, it looks like we ought to be way beyond where we are today. In a recent study lead by Harvard School researcher Andra Tilcsik, 1,700 resumes were delivered to entry-level jobs around the country. In half of them, it detailed the applicant to be a part of the gay campus firm. The resumes that didn’t have gay affiliation was less inclined to be called back again, depending which region these were in. In Texas by itself, it was 3 x as likely that they can not be getting in touch with the gay applicants.

Why have we not been an integral part of this issues? Gay discrimination is alive and existing in over fifty percent of the united states. It’s crazy to believe that this is going on, but it is! The generations before us that fought for homosexual rights didn’t finish their fight – they still left it to us to complete.

Let’s move forward to safeguard every American: Homosexual, Straight, Bi, Transgender, and all that’s among.


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