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Gay Travel 2018: Dangerous Places for LGBT People Worth Visiting


Gay Travel 2018: Dangerous Places for LGBT People Worth Visiting


Top most homophobic countries

Dangerous countries for LGBT people worth visiting

The LGBT community has just as much right to travel anywhere in the world as anyone else, but it is not always safe for them to do so. Unfortunately, the world is not as accepting of this community as it should be and there are numerous countries that still present a challenge to those who do make the decision to visit.

These challenges may be personal safety, or it could be even more severe like jail time, depending on where the person is traveling. Every country has their own laws when it comes to same sex couples and the entire LGBT community should research these laws and regulations prior to their trip for their own safety.

Here are the dangerous places for LGBT people that are still worth visiting:


Homophobia in Tanzania

There are so many wildlife sanctuaries and reserves in Tanzania that everyone is going to want to see via a safari. After all, who wouldn’t want to see lions, giraffes, zebras, and more animals up close in their natural habitat? The waters also hold magnificent coral reefs that can be seen while diving or snorkeling, and some people might be adventurous enough to tackle Mt. Kilimanjaro.

However, homosexuality is illegal is Tanzania and people can be punished by a lengthy jail sentence. Therefore, anyone in the LGBT community will want to be very careful during their stay there by reserving the appropriate number of beds and not showing any type of affection in public.


Homophobia in Ethiopia

Ethiopia has been around for centuries and it is one of the oldest places in the world. That makes it a fascinating place to visit with all the tribal safaris, historic churches, mosques, and volcanic lakes. They do not accept anyone from the LGBT community though, as they believe it is a sexual offense. Therefore, they have a zero tolerance of public affection and will not want to even know of a hint of anything that may be going on behind closed doors.


Homophobia in Jordan

People who visit Jordan normally go to see the Dead Sea, Amman City, or Petra and they usually stop there as a side trip when visiting Israel. The country is full of magnificent landscapes and is quite beautiful, so it is worth a trip if people are in the area. While the LGBT community does not need to worry about doing anything illegal in this country, they do not have the same rights as other people do. Plus, this way of life is not culturally acceptable, which is why anyone who lives that lifestyle in Jordan has not announced it to their family and friends.


Homophobia in Russia

Russia is a beautiful country filled with museums, culture, and history, and people love exploring all the larger cities. The LGBT community can feel free to walk around in Russia, but they cannot do anything together in public. Recent laws prohibit anyone from saying or doing anything pro-LGBT in public, but these same people can do as they wish in the privacy of their own homes.


Homophobia in Kenya

The wildlife safaris are the biggest draw to the people who visit this country with attractions like the Great Rift Valley and Mount Kenya following after that. The wildebeest migration that takes place in the Maasai Mara is quite unique and no one can resist the beaches that can be found on the Indian Ocean.

If anyone from the LGBT community wants to visit Kenya, they will want to remember that homosexuality is considered taboo and goes against the values of the culture. It is illegal to be gay and this can be punished as an actual crime. Everyone will want to be extremely careful of how they act when they are visiting Kenya and that includes the number of beds or rooms they are reserving.


Homophobia in Morocco

The vast deserts, massive mountains, rocky coastlines, and numerous alleyways make this country a must-see destination for everyone. It is not only quite diverse in its landscape, it is also very close to the Spanish mainland, which gives it a different vibe on this North African continent.

The country follows Islamic customs as well as conventional gender roles and the LGBT community does not fit in with either of them. Therefore, the LGBT community risks not only getting arrested, but also verbal and physical abuse if they are seen showing affection. Foreigners are given a little more leeway than the locals, but this is not an open invitation for people to push the limits and see how far they can get.


Homophobia in Egypt

The pyramids, deserts, and sand dunes of this hot, sandy country bring visitors there by the thousands as do the cultural treasures. Unfortunately, the LGBT community has no rights in Egypt and homosexuality is illegal. All offenders can be arrested and punished to the full extent of the law there.


The warm weather and beautiful beaches of Jamaica might sound like a dream vacation come true, but it isn’t for anyone in the LGBT community. All of that is illegal and the government will not protect violators in any way. In fact, the officials are known to condone and actually participate in antigay violence. Anyone that does choose to visit this beautiful country will want to take the proper precautions when booking their accommodations and when spending time out in public.


Homophobia in India

India is another spiritual country that is filled with sites like the infamous Taj Mahal. This large country has beaches to the south, the Himalaya Mountains to the north, the desert to the west, and tribal territories to the east. It is easy to travel on any type of budget in this country and a trip here can be a lifechanging experience. Of course, for the LGBT community, it really can be lifechanging if they are not careful. They are one of the countries where it is illegal, and people can be jailed for this crime.

These countries are wonderful places to visit, but people within the LGBT communities will need to prepare and be careful when they visit them so that they do not get in trouble when they are there. No one wants to find themselves in jail simply because they held their significant others hand while strolling down the street or gave them a kiss in public. Thankfully, if everyone follows the rules of the country, no matter how old-fashioned they are, everyone can enjoy their trip and arrive home safely.


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