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Safety first: Top Destinations for LGBT Travel in 2018


Safety first: Top Destinations for LGBT Travel in 2018


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LGBT people, when they’re travelling, have to be concerned about safety like everyone else, but there’s also an extra dimension, because LGBT people are subject to prejudice and bias, harassment, and even violence and worse, unlike their straight counterparts. Dreaming of the ultimate vacation with your special someone in a gay-friendly destination? Want to make new friends in a safe and welcoming environment? QueerLife can help with gay friendly vacations tailored to gay travel and lesbian travel. Travel confidently and mingle with people of like mind and spirit in some of the most beautiful destinations in the world while saving money with our amazing vacation packages.

People might be becoming a little more accepting, but that doesn’t mean that anyone in the LGBT community can feel comfortable traveling anywhere that they want. However, the list of LGBT friendly travel destinations is continuing to grow, which means even more possibilities for amazing vacations with vibrant cultures and fabulous nightlife.

Here are the top destinations for LGBT travel in 2018:

  • Tel Aviv, Israel

There is a huge LGBT presence in Tel Aviv, which is why it is one of the number one destinations for the LGBT community. Everyone is welcome in any of the hip neighborhoods and these neighborhoods are full of restaurants that serve delicious cuisine and of course a thriving nightlife. Every year, during the month of June, the city holds Tel Aviv Pride, which is a massive parade that is held all day and night. Thousands of people line the streets as they celebrate with music and dancing with the entire community.

  • Berlin, Germany

Gay Travel Berlin

Berlin has been an open and accepting city for decades, which is why it is no surprise that they are so open to all different types of diversity today. There are numerous LGBT bars throughout the city and they cater to tourists as well as the locals. They also have a pride event, and Berlin Pride is known as Christopher Street Day and it takes place every year in July.

  • Guadalajara, Mexico

Gay Travel Guadalajara

Mexico is not always known as being LGBT friendly, but Guadalajara doesn’t seem to care what some of the rest of the country thinks. The community there accepts the LGBT community and there is a lot of affection shown between same sex couples in public. There are numerous clubs, bars, and parties where everyone can gather together to have fun. Guadalajara is quite near Puerto Vallarta, which is also known for being very LGBT accepting.

  • Buenos Aires, Argentina

Gay Travel Buenos Aires

Argentina was the first country in Latin America to make gay marriage legal and it even included full adoption rights in the law, so they are quite ahead of the times when it comes to LGBT rights. There are numerous anti-discrimination laws in Buenos Aires and other areas of the country as well. Buenos Aires has multiples areas where the LGBT community will feel the most comfortable, including San Telmo and Recoleta, but that doesn’t mean they need to stick to those areas. Buenos Aires holds BADiversa week in August and their Gay Festival is held in November.

  • Gran Canaria, Canary Islands

While this entire island is very accepting, the LGBT community will find that they will have the most fun on the southern end. The Yumbo Centre is considered paradise for LGBT’s as is the beach at Kiosk #7. The weather is fabulous throughout the year and there is always something special going on. Maspalomas Gay Pride is held in May, Maspalomas Winter Pride is in November, Maspalomas Fetish Week is in October, and there are carnivals held in February.

  • Rome, Italy

Gay Travel Rome

LGBT’s will find that life is fun and easy-going in Rome as they tour the sights and learn about history. Gay Street can be found right behind the Colosseum and this is where every LGBT will want to begin their evenings before venturing to one of the other popular Italian clubs.

  • Montevideo, Uruguay

This city has quite the offerings, including a very active club scene filled with a large LGBT population. The quiet shoreline meets artistic sights and sophisticated restaurants with beautiful art deco features.

  • Florianopolis, Brazil

Not many people have heard about Florianopolis, which can be a good thing for some LGBT travelers. The locals are quite friendly and very welcoming of everyone, which is evident with their LGBT run businesses and available LGBT surf camp. The beaches are the perfect place to relax during the day, while the city is open for exploring for a night out on the town.

  • Toronto, Canada

Toronto has a massive LGBT scene, including The Village in the center of the city. The Village has a large number of LGBT friendly shops, bars, restaurants, and clubs, but there are many others that can be found in other areas of the city. This city is full of things to do whether people are looking to see a theater performance, walk through art galleries, or simply enjoy the exciting nightlife that seems to be everywhere.

  • Auckland, New Zealand

Gay Travel Auckland

Auckland is a fabulous destination for anyone in the LGBT community, but the best time of the year to go is in February when they hold their week of pride events. The largest of all the events is The Big Gay Out, which is a free event full of food, dancing, music, and art. The locals are all so nice and everyone will have a fabulous time meeting new people.

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Gay Travel Amsterdam

Live and let live seems to be the motto in Amsterdam and anything seems possible in this city of diversity. That makes it a wonderful place for people of the LGBT community to visit without worrying about any type of discrimination. The best time to visit is when they are holding their pride parade, which they call Canal Parade. It is one of the largest ones in the entire world and it is definitely worth the trip for the experience alone!

  • Brighton, United Kingdom

This seaside town happens to be the LGBT capital of the United Kingdom and they have been proudly celebrating that for more than five years with their very own Trans Pride weekend. That weekend celebration has been allowing more travelers to feel more comfortable as they arrive in town to explore everything Brighton has to offer.

These are only a few of the numerous places that the LGBT community can happily visit during 2018, but these are the best destinations for LGBT travel. Anyone that has been putting off travel for fear of discrimination will not need to worry when they travel to these fabulous areas of the world where the LGBT community will be welcomed with open arms. So, make the arrangements, pack the bags, and go have some fun!