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Recognizing of unhealthy relationships for gay guys

Health Relationship

Recognizing of unhealthy relationships for gay guys


Unhealthy Gay Relationships

A healthy relationship is a healthy relationship regardless of your sexual orientation. As we skip over the roadblocks of life, friends is there to provide us a boost. In the gay community, finding great friends are a dime a dozen. I consider myself lucky for the reason that regard, but it didn’t come easy.

I’ve come to understand that bad friends outnumber the nice ones in more ways than we realize. Not merely are there more of them, but we’re also more prepared to ask them into our circles. Since so most of us are victims of unhealthy friendships, we’ve managed to make it a habit that’s hard to break.

There are so many toxic personalities out there and it’s easy to soak them up such as a sponge, leaving us confused about where our loyalty lies. Friends should never fill up you with rage or disappointment rather than are they designed to be accessories or tools, but instead a means to make us a better person. They provide us amazing opportunities to find out about ourselves. They remind us where we’ve been and where we’re going to. They have confidence in us.

People come and go from our lives, but it’s the ones who stay that truly deserve to be there. When two people are existing on different frequencies, different planes, different directions, it’s only a matter of your time before they both begin to conflict, developing a crash and burn that leads to an explosion of regret and coulda woulda shouldas. It takes more than commitment for a camaraderie to survive that. It needs commitment and a distributed love to be able to move forward. Once we get older we figure out how to filter the bad eggs.

However in the gay community especially, there are unwritten guidelines to friendships we’ve have the ability to carry around for the long term. Jealousy, view, selfishness and a consistent insufficient reciprocation have grown to be an untamable beast in your culture – especially with young men – that we’ve managed to get the infrastructure of most friendships. More often than not, it requires a rock-bottom situation for all of us to see the aftermath of our poor choices.

It’s never an easy thing to find a person who’s ready to look passed our faults and will have our backs. With more and more people desperate for their own well-being, looking after someone else’s seems like squandered time we must be shelling out for ourselves. The secret is this. Our well-being is easily affected by those around us. Two friends with healthy attitudes towards other’s feelings is only going to blossom into positive results.

My mom always said if life was a huge slice of pie, gratitude should be the fork you eat it with. We proceed through our daily regular grabbing and taking and grabbing and taking, often times lacking opportunities to see where it all came from. Harmful friendships blind us from appreciation. They keep us kept down by made-up excuses as to why they should have our trust – eventually our entire conception of the world becomes similar.

Harmful people don’t deserve what you are prepared to offer. It’s important to know the difference between friends and acquaintances. Choose wisely, otherwise you might get into an opening too deep to dig out of.


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