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A Gay Man’s Guide to a Stylish Home


A Gay Man’s Guide to a Stylish Home


If we gays know something, that’s definitely style. And imagine how your best girlfriend would feel if she came to your house – the house of the style guru – and saw a living room or a bedroom that she definitely doesn’t like? So, in order to stay true to the things we’re good at, and also feel quite comfortable in our home, we need to pay attention to keep our home very stylish and on point. Even though it’s quite difficult to provide you with some tips because each home is different and should be a representation of who you are as an individual, there are a couple of things all of us should consider while stylizing our home.

Less is more

Minimalism is huge at the moment, and you should acknowledge that by implementing it in your home. We’re not talking about white walls and one glass table in the middle of the room – but paying attention to the colors, patterns and furniture itself is crucial. There are different options when going minimal, and with a bit of browsing online you can come up with some wonderful ideas. As far as the walls go, make sure that you have a couple of paintings or prints that match well together.

Invest in technology

It simply doesn’t do to be a gay guy and not be the owner of the latest gadgets, now does it? This is why investing in a good LCD TV screen or a good sound system is a great idea. Not only will you be extremely comfortable and satisfied in your own home, but you can also invite other people over for a movie night or something of that sort. It’s 2018, and staying in touch with the latest technology is something that comes hand in hand with being gay.

Choose your palette wisely

As far as the colors go, the first thing that you need to have in mind is that the colors need to represent you, so choose whatever color you like the most. However, know that not all colors are meant to be predominant in your home. Red, for example, cannot have the same soothing effect as green or blue. The best option would be to keep the colors plain, such as going for white, beige or grey, and have a couple of décor elements, such as a great cushion, in the color that you want to be your second dominant color of your home. The combinations of white and grey with red, pink, yellow or even purple can be very good. If you choose details in a bright color while keeping your furniture, walls and table plain, you can have a great living room that everyone will be comfortable spending time in.

Dust and polish

Even though this comes as a no brainer, it’s better to be safe than sorry and include this in the most important tips. Make sure that you clean your home regularly – if you don’t have time, you can always hire a cleaner who will get it done for you. So, keep throwing those pizza boxes away regularly, and you see that stash of wine bottles? Get rid of them!

5. Accessorize

Now that we have the essentials set, let’s talk about accessories. Each home should have accessories, and you can choose whatever you want to make your home scream your name. Of course, you need to pay attention to the way the accessories match with the rest of you living space – keep the colors similar or complementary (you can always consult a color wheel), use accessories that you really like and have use of. For example, prints and paintings on the walls, carpets, lamps and even glasses – if they match nicely to the rest of your décor, you can easily take the award for the most stylish home with you.

After all, your house says a lot about you. And since you’re gay, let it be very stylish and up-to-date. Not only will you be more comfortable in it, but others will like it as well. And all of us love when somebody compliments the space we live in.


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