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How to Be a Happier Gay Couple

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How to Be a Happier Gay Couple


Even though these “how to be happy” articles somehow sound very corny, after careful consideration it gets clear that happiness is actually the most important thing we all strive for. All the money, attention, jobs that we might put our fingers on; everything is actually our attempt to be happy. And even if we are generally happy with our life, what about our relationship? Since this is perhaps the most important form of happiness, take a look on how to keep your relationship healthy and how to be a happier couple. Because if you’re unhappy in this department, are you genuinely happy?

Don’t compare yourself to others

The whole gay community suffers a lot from comparing themselves to other people, which can sometimes have catastrophic consequences. However, your boyfriend and yourself should love each other just as is, without comparing your relationship to any other. There might be a couple that you’re constantly looking at and you’re jealous of, but you have no idea what happens behind closed doors. Being satisfied with your current relationship, the way you two connect with each other, and finally the way you come off to the world, should bring a great deal of security and confidence.

Have a morning routine

The first tip might have been a bit more abstract, so let’s talk about something that’s tangible. Having a morning routine can definitely make you a happier couple, as you will have something seemingly small and unimportant that will make you even more connected. Happiness lies in these small things, so make sure that you know who’s getting up first and who’s making the morning coffee using the strongest and most high-quality Nespresso chocolate coffee pods so that you can start the day with a clear mind. The morning routine could definitely include morning sex after having your first cup of coffee; the happiness levels will rise a bit! If one person is making the coffee and breakfast, then the other might clean the bedroom and get everything in perfect order. Knowing how to function properly as a couple in the morning might seem unimportant, but once you manage to get into that morning routine you’ll realize how important it is.

Trust each other

Yes, it might be hard to do that, but no more stalking! We know you went to Instagram last night and checked who liked your boyfriend’s photo, but please stop doing that as it will only bring bad things to your relationship (easier said than done, sure, but at least try it). Nothing can ruin or break your relationship like jealousy, so make sure to have it just in small doses. If you happen to be the jealous type of person, it would be best to see a professional counselor and see what lies behind these insecurities. After all, you wouldn’t want for your boyfriend to be overly jealous, would you? This can also be solved by talking to your partner and sharing every single thing with them. That way you will know exactly what’s happening in his life (and in his DMs).

Don’t be clingy

If you’re at the beginning of your love story, then there might be a chance that you’ll get too clingy, which is a big no-no. This can severely affect your relationship from the start, so make sure to leave some space for him (and yourself) to breathe, and if your relationship is strong, everything will be exactly as you planned. It’s also very healthy that you continue doing things you’ve been doing even before you entered this relationship, as some time apart will definitely do you good.

Keep things dynamic

As already said, it is extremely important for you to have a morning routine as a couple, but if your whole relationship falls into routine, that’s not a good sign. In order to keep things dynamic, you should always look for opportunities to do something new together, such as travelling, going to different events or trying something new in bed (or anywhere else for that matter).

Bottom line – no one can tell you how to be happy; it’s important that you realize that for yourselves. Starting with some of these tips will definitely help you get there faster. So, trust your partner, surprise him from time to time and keep that flame alive!


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