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5 Decorating Tips for Your Man Cave


5 Decorating Tips for Your Man Cave


Undoubtedly, the first man caves were…well, literal caves, but that didn’t stop ancient guys from enjoying their personal space. Modern men developed in every sense but one—they still love their man caves, even though they are much more comfortable and filled with all kinds of exciting gadgets and decorating pieces. So, if you want to join an exclusive club of guys who have a room they can call uniquely their own, here are a few decorating tips that will make your man cave into your private paradise. 

Achieve balance

Many guys want to create a room with a pool, table tennis or air hockey table and that’s totally fine. However, these table games can be quite bulky and if placed in the middle of the space, they can overwhelm it in a second. So, in order to give your space some breathing room, put your biggest elements to the side and don’t forget to include other additions like a fully-stocked bar, a TV area and a smaller table for poker or other games—you’ll love the options. 

Look for famous inspiration

If you don’t know where to start with your theme or color palette, don’t hesitate to consult the Internet. Today, you can find photos of all the iconic clubs and bars and try to imitate them in your man cave. This is a great way to get the general idea of what you want your space to look and feel like, so make sure to note down the color scheme, furniture style and art directions. If you follow what pros did, you’ll surely end up with a space that’s comfortable, elegant and coherent. 

Go crazy with additions

Your partner might never allow you to grab a full-sized Indiana Jones pinball machine into your living room, so don’t hesitate to let your imagination fly high in your man cave. If you really want that VR golf simulator and you have space for it—do it! And make sure to show off your personality in your cave. Every room deserves some art, so grab some artwork online and give it home in your man cave. You can find all sorts of pieces inspired by travel, animals, architecture and practically anything else you might want to adorn your walls with, you just need to pick something you like. 

Choose quality

Make sure to concentrate on items crafted with care. Those IKEA pieces might look modern, but they are definitely not built to last! So, if you’re not sure where the piece is coming and who made it, aim to buy vintage. Forty or fifty years ago, manufacturer standards were much different, so furniture pieces made by our grandfather’s generation will stand the test of time and have that breath of history and manliness. So, when grabbing your man cave furniture, always choose hardwood if you can because if you scratch or dent it, you can just refinish it. In order to see whether the piece is made of real wood, check the inside and touch the back and the bottom of the item. If the piece is finished on all sides and made of solid wood, there’s a great chance you’re getting the real deal. 

Don’t underestimate comfort

When choosing your furniture, make sure to check the comfort too. For instance, a good sofa or a cozy chair is so much more than just a frame stuffed with some cotton and dressed in cheap leather! Take the classic Eames Lounge Chair as an example: it’s the most comfortable and form-fitting chair in the world since it was made by an artist who studied the human form and designed it to fit the purpose of comfort. If you’re rushing to equip your space you might end up hitting Wal-Mart or Target, but those cheap loungers and bean bags won’t give you the comfort, design and masterful craft that you deserve. 

If you follow these tips above, you’ll create a balanced, unique, comfortable and timeless man cave you’ll love in fifty years just as much as you love it today. With time, your personal heaven will just get more and more character if you lay good foundations.


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