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5 Sex Tips for Single Gay Men

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5 Sex Tips for Single Gay Men


To most gay guys, everything revolves around sex. And even though we don’t like to generalize, this is something that is more true than false, and it doesn’t matter – we should always pursue sex while we are still young and careless. Regardless of how sexually active you are, it is important to have in mind certain tips that will make your sexual life more interesting, and more importantly, safer and healthier. So, let’s take a look together at some of the ways to achieve just this – some of these tips are really very much recommended, others are there to help you save your life in certain situations, so we can all agree that all of these are important.

1. Know the HIV status of the person you’re hooking up with

You can never be too sure about someone’s HIV status. While it is slowly becoming safer and safer to have unprotected sex, this is definitely not something that you should plan on. Always use a condom, and when you have the option (and you should always have it), ask for the HIV status of the person you are hooking up with. However, you should know that there is the possibility of people who are HIV positive telling you they are in fact, negative. This is something you should be aware of, so unless they show you medical proof that they are negative, never fully trust a person you do not know. This is why you should always, always have a condom by your side.

2. Be careful who you are hooking up with

Talking about hooking up with people, what happens if you desperately seek sex and you want to find it as soon as possible? The most popular way of doing this is going up on Grindr finding the person you want to, but then again, you don’t know if these people are healthy, what they look like exactly and what you can expect. If you want to be even bolder and go the extra mile while still keeping that level of professionalism, you should opt for escorts as it is always better to have these in your bed than someone you met on the street and know nothing about. It is 2019 and it is high time we understood the benefits of professional sex workers. 

3. Be as kinky as you can

Gay people are all about interesting sex. Once you serve boring sex to a gay person, he will probably run away that very second. This is why it is always good to find new ways to make your partner happier in bed and keep your sex life more interesting and playful. Turning to different fetishes might help a lot – so if you are into B&M, try it out; if you want to have sex outdoors, this can also be a great idea to spice up your sex life. Moreover, you can always listen to your partner’s desires, and if they have foot fetish, piss fetish, dominance fetish or something else you might not be comfortable with, try it out as you might like it. 

4. Experiment with toys

Another way to spice up your sex life is by the use of different toys that you can find on the market nowadays. Jock straps and dildos are just the beginning, as later on, you can move something completely bold and unique such as a sex swing. Do not be afraid or embarrassed to try this out. You will find someone who is into the same thing as you are and who is willing to share this experience with you.

5. Try a threesome

Britney Spears sang about it, it is definitely time you had this in mind as a plan for the future, especially now when you are single. The chances of being able to participate in a threesome once you end up in a relationship are very low, so it would be good to do it now and see for yourself if this is something that is up your alley and something you enjoy in. 

If you are single, it is the perfect time to make your sex life more interesting. You can experience so many different new things that you will like, and you will get to have experiences you will remember for the rest of your life. Open your mind and be careful of all the diseases. These are the two most important tips.


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