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5 Tips for Learning to Love Your Queer Self

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5 Tips for Learning to Love Your Queer Self


There are so many self-help tips and guides for loving yourself out there. However, for queer people, this is easier said than done. Being in touch with so much judgment on a daily basis doesn’t do much good for the brain and the mood, so some help is needed. If you are queer, know this – you matter as well, and you need to love yourself as well. If you love expressing yourself through makeup, if you love dressing up differently, who is there to tell you that you shouldn’t? Take a look at these five important and simple tips:

Take your feelings into consideration

The first thing you need to do is be clear about your feelings. Acknowledging the feelings to yourself, and other people around you (who are fully supportive) is the first step towards positive mental health. When you are angry, be angry. When you are happy, be happy. Never be ashamed to admit your feelings towards something. This is what will make you a genuinely happier person in the longer run – not being afraid of anything and being completely frank and open to yourself.

Work on your appearance

Queer people love working on their appearance, and nobody should tell them they shouldn’t. If you love putting makeup on, do that – it doesn’t matter if you will come across several raised eyebrows. Of course, in order to play this in the best possible way, you will need to work on the essentials first – the state of your skin. If you keep your skin healthy, glowy and fresh, you will be happier for a longer period of time, and the makeup results (in case this is your cup of tea) will be better. This is why using high-quality skin care products is a must if you want to show your queer appearance in the best possible way. 

Forgive yourself

What is important to understand is that failure is an essential part of life, and every one of us fails at times. Your failures are always more serious than other people’s, and this is where you should correct yourself. Failure is the same, it doesn’t matter to whom it happens. And once it does happen, you need to forgive yourself. Self-love is a very important thing, and you need to know why you failed and that you will do better next time. There is always next time, and remember that each failure or each moment you were blue, let down or every time you hit rock bottom is a lesson learned.

Do not compare yourself to others

Queer people are a minority at the moment. And by being so, it is very difficult to come off as a proud, queer person and be who you actually are. However, if you compare yourself to others, this task will be even more difficult. Every person is different, and everyone is fighting their own battles, and that is why it is a big no-no to compare yourself to others. If somebody’s better than you at a certain thing, do not pout, but rather try and find a different thing you are better at than them. List your accomplishments and be grateful for who you are and what you have done thus far.

Do not pay attention to negativity

However, the biggest problem in this society is the negativity that we are constantly feeling and experiencing. The case with queer people is even more serious, especially with ones who are more introvert. But, this is the time to be a proud queer person without paying any attention to the negative comments. Know that negative comments always come and go, and not only for queer/gay people, but for other nationalities, races, sexes as well. If everyone paid attention to what the people are saying about them and about their community, nobody would have been happy. Think about it. 

Self-love. A very important word, and an even more important notion that all of us have to nurture. Focus on the positives and on all the good things that you have in life. Friends, family, other things that make you happy. This is how you will genuinely be happier – by loving yourself and accepting yourself for who you really are. 


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