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How Using Adult Toys Will Change Your Sex Life for Good

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How Using Adult Toys Will Change Your Sex Life for Good


Let’s admit it right now – we’re all curious about sex toys. Even if you’re not ready to give them a try yet, you’re still probably wondering about the experience.

The obvious pleasure and the intense sensations give you just one reason to try sex toys. These little gadgets, however, can deliver much more pronounced benefits. They’ll impact your sex life in numerous ways, whether you’re in a partnered relationship right now or you’re just having fun.

Even psychologists believe that sex toys are really good for you. And if you’re looking for convincing reasons to try out at least one of those, here they are.

Getting to Know Yourself Better

What’s the secret to good sex? Finding the right lover? Experimenting with Kama Sutra complicated sex positions? Not really! To have the most satisfying sexual experience of your life, you need to learn more about your body and what feels good.

Statistics have painted an incredibly troublesome picture about our sexual education and awareness.

A survey carried out in 2016 shows that 44 percent of women questioned could not identify the vagina on an anatomical drawing. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Due to upbringing or some form of stigmatization, many people (especially women) refrain from engaging in self-exploration. Masturbation is still perceived as a dirty word, something not to be spoken about.

Such notions lead to so many sexual problems later on.

If you don’t know how to touch your body and bring yourself to an orgasm, how is a partner supposed to accomplish the goal? Every person requires a very specific type of stimulation. To make your sex life fulfilling, you should be capable of directing a lover.

Sex toys allow you to do just that.

When you experiment with a sex toy on your own, you learn a lot about your most sensitive spots and the intensity of stimulation required. You quickly grasp what you like and what you don’t really care for. This invaluable information should be used during a partnered experience to make sex better than ever before.

If you feel shy about telling your partner what you like, you can always show them. This is where sex toys can come in handy, as well. All that you have to do is overcome your eventual shyness and let the fun begin.

Higher Level of Sexual Satisfaction

Good sex is about intimacy, connecting with another human being and pleasure. The final bit can be a bit difficult to accomplish, especially if you require more prolonged and intense stimulation to get there.

Studies show time and time again that the use of adult toys contributes to much more enjoyable and satisfying partnered sex.

Most people think about vibrators when it comes to sex toys but these aren’t the only explorable option. The sex toy market has been diversified massively over the past few years. A huge range of sex toys for couples has gained popularity, boosting the enjoyment of both (or all) people involved.

Sex toys reduce performance anxiety and they can amp up the intensity of the stimulation. Some are designed to help guys last longer, some produce powerful vibrations that both individuals engaging in penetrative sex can feel.

With the help of such gadgets, sexual pleasure can be taken to a whole new level. If you’ve been with someone for a bit of time already and the sex is starting to get boring, toys would be an excellent choice. The new sensations will increase the excitement linked to getting intimate. As a result, you can easily experience a second honeymoon that involves doing the deed at least two times per day.

Perfect for Couples Experiencing Sexual Dysfunction

The above-mentioned scenarios focus on people who don’t experience routine orgasmic difficulties or other kinds of sexual dysfunction. When issues like vaginismus, erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation are brought into the equation, sex can easily turn into a nightmare rather than a bonding experience.

You can bring back the pleasure and the joy that a health issue has taken away. All you need is getting a few adult sex toys from websites like HotCherry.  

Here’s a simple example – there’s a beautiful range of hollow strap-on dildos specifically designed for the needs of men dealing with erectile dysfunction. These products are comfortable to wear and they enable penetration. Using a hollow dildo can restore someone’s confidence, bring back fun into the relationship and potentially assist for the overcoming of the medical problem.

There are many other examples of sexual dysfunctions that can be tackled through adult toys and accessories.

Needless to say, it takes time to get used to a new routine. Most of us have internalized the belief there’s only one way to have sex. Human sexuality is a lot more diversified and colorful than that. Just because a certain kind of sex is physiologically impossible due to a medical problem doesn’t mean all kinds of intimacy should be abandoned.

Talking to Your Partner About It

Now that you’re getting more curious about adult toys, you’re probably wondering how to broach the subject.

While our society has become much more sexually open, we’re still often reluctant to discuss intimacy with the person that we love (or enjoy partnered sex with).

A couple of considerations could stand in the way of discussing sex toys with somebody.

Will they think you’re a freak? Will they be insulted? Maybe they’ll feel that they’re not good enough in bed to satisfy you?

Most people go through these common worries before having the talk.

Relax! Most often, such fears aren’t based in a reality. The number of people who’ll be offended about a sex toy conversation is thankfully small. If someone loves you or would like you to enjoy better sex, they’ll probably be interested in exploring something new.

The best way to talk about sex toys is direct and open. You’ll probably be embarrassed at first but once you gather the courage to open up, you’ll probably be surprised by the smoothness of the conversation.

The talk can go in one of two ways. Hopefully, your partner will be very enthusiastic about trying out sex toys. In that case, you can move on to the next step. Alternatively, you’ll find out that your partner isn’t too keen on the idea.

If the second scenario plays out, you’ll probably feel a little bit disappointed. That’s ok. Still, you have to respect your partner’s boundaries and give them some time. It’s possible that they’ll come around in a little while and join you on the quest of exploring new sexual practices.

Start Slow!

You don’t have to buy the biggest, kinkiest and most hi-tech sex toy to experiment with the benefits such products bring to the table.

A tiny bullet vibrator can pack a powerful punch. Not only that, such toys are also very versatile. They can be used by both men and women. They can stimulate many sensitive zones (even at the lowest vibration settings).

If your partner is feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the idea, start out small. Go online and look at sex toys together. Chances are that their natural curiosity will take over and you’ll soon be planning purchases together.

Internet has really simplified the buying of adult toys. You don’t need to go inside a shop to find your brand new favorite item. All you have to do is find the right online shop, select the item you’re interested in and receive the discrete package a few days later.

Don’t give up on the idea, even if your significant other doesn’t want to go through sex toy buying right now. As already mentioned, there isn’t a single way to enjoy sex and you may want to explore another less threatening option first. Trying out new things will potentially grow their appetite for more fun and you’ll eventually move on to the next thing in a little while.


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