Everyone Desires A…”Sassy Gay Friend”


Although I only saw it about a week ago from my pal Will (YES, I’m giving you credit for the love of God), the first Sassy Gay Friend video arrived last month and provides us a very clear look at what would’ve happened to Hamlet’s Ophelia if she had indeed been befriended by a sassy gay friend. P.S. For whatever you English nerds out presently there, there’s a couple references which have GOTSTA make you laugh.

Lo-and-behold, because of this month’s installment, Mr. Sassy Gay Friend is back, and simply in the nick of time as he saves Juliet from a bloody fateful loss of life this time! Hi-larious in the event that you ask me!

These videos, among MANY others are brought to your computer screen via The Second City, probably the most popular (if not THE) comedy troops in the world. Us Canadians in fact can thank Second City for giving us the legendary SCTV (Second City Television) back the day, as well as giving birth to some of the world’s most famous comedians and actors.

Watch the video clips below and remember, that when you’re in big trouble, your friend can often come and save you from being truly a “stuuuupid bitch”.

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Marta Polinkova January 2, 2018 - 9:33 am

I look with greater pleasure, this is not just a story about Shakespeare’s Juliet, but another vision of this story!

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