I’m Struggling With Becoming Christian & Gay


Is usually homosexuality really a sin based on the Bible or is it OKAY to be Christian & homosexual?

I think I’m gay nonetheless I am really concerned because I am worried that it may go against my trust to be homosexual.

I was Christian and my query is: Is homosexuality a real sin? I’ve asked each person and all the adults produce tons of Bible verses to check out.

I just want to know if it is or perhaps not because I don’t actually understand the Bible and I have been fighting with this kind of since I was 11 years of age, and the pain is just too very much.

And if it’s okay to get Christian & gay, could it be okay to experiment with a guy to look for my way?

I’m simply stuck and I need the response if you could.

This really is a very difficult question and probably as many answers and there is Christians on this planet.

It really is true that there are verses inside the Bible that speaks against homosexuality, or at least what could be interpreted as speaking against homosexuality. There are also verses inside the Bible that says you’re not supposed to eat shellfish and tells you how much to demand for your slaves.

When it comes down to this I think you have to decide the actual main messages in your religious beliefs are. Most Christians think that the main messages inside the Bible are to love the neighbor and to be good to other people.

Why not focus on all those passages which are repeated over and over in the Bible instead about those few oddities installed out of a different some a different culture?

Homosexuality is usually not a lifestyle or a decision like many fundamentalists need you to believe. God developed you the way you are extremely how could it be a bad thing?

There are a lot of people that are both gay and lesbian and Christians, and that have no problem with combining both. I suggest that you seek up one of the many gay or homosexual friendly congregations that are in existence. They can help you find your way in every area of your life.