Some Really Gay Things You CAN ONLY JUST Do In THIS PHENOMENAL American City


Yes, it’s New Orleans. There’s grounds this southern gay mecca makes the list of most popular cities in America, and it’s not just due to the delicious originality of beignets. There are so many unique experiences that you can only find here, and the mixture of the them in a single trip or five may be the absolute beauty of the area.

Have a look at these five really gay stuff you’ll only find in that one American city…

1. “The Fruit Loop”

New Orleans may be known for its slower speed and easy-going attitude, but when it comes to going out, the gays are about efficiency. That’s why a lot of the bars are clustered within walking range of each other, in an section of the French Quarter properly dubbed “The Fruit Loop.” And since New Orleans is among the few locations left where open containers are allowed on the street, it creates bar hopping extra fun. Not forgetting convenient.

2. Endless Festivals

Pride. Bastille Day time. Dirty Linen Night time. Southern Decadence. The Red Outfit Run. Halloween New Orleans. Operating of the Bulls. The Champaign Stroll. The Gay Easter Parade. Bayou Boogaloo. And the list goes on and on. New Orleanians appreciate any excuse to put on a crazy costume and venture out, especially under the bright blue skies. Hence the many awesome festivals held throughout the year, most of which focus on the LGBTQ crowd.

3. Drag Galore

As the proud hometown of the one and only Bianca del Rio, it will come as no surprise the city’s drag community is bursting at the sequined seams. The Diva Royale Drag Queen Supper Show happens Thursday through Sunday in the French One fourth and is a preferred among visitors and locals as well. There’s also the New Orleans Drag Workshop that provides classes to aspiring queens wishing to break into the biz. After that, of training course, there’s Drag Bingo every Thursday at the Allways Lounge and every Sunday at Oz, along with drag performances happening nearly every evening of the week.

4. Drama, Drama, Everywhere

New Orleans is known for having a flair for the dramatics. Le Petit Theatre, Southern Rep, and the Anthony Bean Community Theater are simply a few of the local troupes that highlight hometown talent in award-winning productions. Meanwhile, bigger venues just like the Saenger Theatre, Pleasure Theater, and the Mahalia Jackson Theater feature traveling Broadway productions, concerts, dance performances, comedians, and several other live occasions. There’s also the annual Faux/Real Festival that showcases more than 100 different performances over the course of three weeks each November.

5. Raining Men

Last, there will be the gays themselves. Based on the New York Times, New Orleans has the fourth largest LGBTQ population per capita in the usa, with an impressive 5.1 percent of residents identifying as such. It beats out New York, Chicago, and even Los Angeles. And according to the travel site Travelzoo, it’s also ranked the third most friendly town in the country. You do the math.