The Necessity For LGBT Cinema


Why We Need to Keep the Activism of New LGBT Cinema Alive.

With the new coming-outs of most these athletes, there appears to be a dependence on a new kind of Queer Cinema. A lot of the mainstream films with gay heroes or gay situations often involve them being oppressed by culture. In the last couple of years, homosexual pity has filtered away. You don’t have any longer to represent homosexual people as a submissive community.

When film first began, gay characters appeared mainly in the comedic sense. Viewed as carefree, flamboyant, clown-like men, their image become obscenely unpleasant to the general public. In fact, it went completely to the Supreme Courtroom. Since movie theater was so new at that time, in the past due 1920s there was much argument on whether movies were seen under the first amendment. Turns out, they weren’t, which explains why they exceeded the “Hayes Code” which allowed for censorship, thus closing the flamboyant personas.

Fast forward years later, straight men were making a good living putting on dresses! Movies like “Some ENJOY IT Hot” managed to get funny for men to play women-like characters, so long as they was no inclination that he was homosexual – just a mix dresser. (Right…)

It seems like it’s been typical for gay movies to become more under floor and Individually made productions. They are the kind of movies you will notice on Netflix under “Lgbt”. The films are pretty good, it’s not as mainstream as maybe it’s. All of the mainstreams in the 70s, 80s, and 90s that presented gay character types were mostly stereotypical gay guys. Films like “Philadelphia” helped to improve the course a bit in the right path.

By the time “Brokeback Mountain” hit the theaters, America have been ready for a long time to see a movie about two gay lovers, but here’s my issue: How come America so supportive to watch two straight men performing gay men, however, not gay men using gay men?

It looks like gay men would learn about how to try out “homosexual” than right men. Even the functions that are very gay are often performed by directly men. Will this business lead to a much better gratitude of their performing talent?

Are people unpleasant to watch gay men play themselves? Perhaps it gets too real at that time, because if your viewing two guys kiss on display, at LEAST you understand that they’re straight. Then it isn’t real, it’s only a movie. Well, homosexual folks are real and you want to play ourselves, not merely in Indie circuits where only gay people will dsicover us. You want to be observed on the silver screen where people can get a good notion of who we are.

Especially given that we slapped America over the face with reality as each one of these athletes slowly emerge from the closet, the necessity for gay representation in cinema is important. Forget about depressing oppression stories. If we will expand minds, we need to demonstrate to them the options of how life can be, through artwork.

The annals of art has been representing life as it is – and gay life, generally, is no more one of fear. Films are powerful mediums plus they have the energy to attain the masses so that can catapult a new wave of reasoning.

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Юрий Юрий January 8, 2018 - 6:39 am

If gays played gay roles in cinematography, it would be great! However, the public of the straight does not care.

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