The HIP-HOP Community and Homosexuality


Since HIPHOP became an “in” part of the early 80s, it was instantly about the street cred, the raps, and the unspoken masculine attitude that is all an apart of it’s elegance. It was the tough and tumble perspective that may have instantly created a distance between your gay community and the Hip Hop world. AIDS didn’t exactly help, in truth it probably widened the length of both communities to the stage where the state of New Jersey could fit (literally).

In HIPHOP, it’s about the road cred. and relating for an interview with Nikki Minaj (who is bisexual), the HIPHOP community isn’t ready for a gay rapper, given that they aren’t considered having road credit. However, she feels there will be one in her life time. I was surprised to discover that she’s not the only one which feels this way. Snoop Dog and Ice-T offered their support for Frank Sea when he came out recently, but nonetheless they stated in an interview with that the hiphop community will find it hard to hear a gay gangsta rapper and if a gangsta rapper arrived of the wardrobe right now, it might be a big thing.

Even today, there are extensive Hip Hop superstars who don’t think highly of the gays. In the last month alone, three areas have legalized gay relationship, one very famous golf ball player has come out, and the acceptance of homosexuals has been released into the water supply.

Since the discussion of gay marriage, we’ve seen amazing support from the Hip Hop community, which is a little strange since many of these artists had homophobic slurs in their music. Russell Simmons, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Body fat Joe, A$AP Rocky, and The Game have all expressed their support – but why now? Could it be just a matter of signing up for the rest of the world and not wanting to get left behind or is it genuine?

The slow rise of support in the Hip Hop community started towards the beginning of the century when pioneer mass media personalities like the ones we’ve seen on Will & Grace or Ellen Degeneres created an attitude in the united states. One of accepting gay people in their homes, and soon their hearts.

Since HIPHOP was were only available in urban metropolitan areas, there has been an underground foundation of creativity within their art. There’s an unspoken vocabulary they all share and understand, since the majority of the community can relate with the other as far as where they’ve been and result from. The spawn of homophobia began at the very beginning and has resonated since. Visualize the kids who listen to these types of hateful slurs? They have no other idea in their mind except what their heroes inform them. However, the majority of the performers that have demonstrated support have been the ones with vial and poisonous before. Better late than never?

Rapper 50 Cent once said that any man who didn’t enjoy sex with women should wipe out themselves. Not exactly an uplifting message. However, in 2012 he mentioned within an interview that he thought everyone should be happy and only a fool would not in favor of same sex marriage at this point. In a far more comical take note, he also said that directly men may need organizations, in case they’re in an elevator and somebody decides to grab their “buns.”

One rapper turn-around story might possibly have caused more uproar than any. Eminem’s track “Offender” made a long homophobic rant, stating “Hate fags? The answer’s yes.” However in the same music, he also said “Relax guys, I like homosexual man.” Is it causing mixed text messages with people? The funniest thing about all this is that one of is own best friends is nothing other than – await it – Elton John! Eminem works with gay marriage and told the New York Times that everyone must have the opportunity to be equally “miserable.” Thus says the best-selling rapper ever.

So can the two worlds finally come to a means to an end? It seems we can, however the only thing that’s standing up inside our way is a pretend “image” that we are all trying to keep. Most of these performers at one point or another have thought to the press that the key reason why these are successful is because they are themselves. They are real. They may be honest. These are authentic. Yet for a long time they have been pressing the necessity to KEEP people from being themselves by creating homophobic rhetoric.

It’s a fresh dawn whenever we view the HIPHOP community, which is potentially the most homophobic community out there, begin to start to see the light of day?

Many of rappers are gay, but some identify as asexual, pansexual, and bisexual as well. Others are included in this list for their gender identities, such as agender, gender-fluid, and transgender. Are you surprised that so many rappers are gay? Take a look at this list and share your thoughts in the comments section.