“Out in the Dark” – Gay Themed Film



Out at night is as much of a political and societal commentary as it can be an original intimate story. Compelling and seductive, Michael Mayer’s taut first feature follows a border-crossing romantic relationship between an Israeli attorney and an increasingly desperate Palestinian pupil.

Nimer, an ambitious Palestinian college student in the West Bank or investment company, dreams of a much better life abroad. One fateful night time in Tel Aviv, he fits Roy, an Israeli attorney, and the two fall in love. As their relationship deepens, they are both met with the severe realities of the Palestinian culture that refuses to acknowledge Nimer for his sexual identification, and an Israeli society that rejects him for his nationality. When Nimer s good friend is captured hiding illegally in Tel Aviv and repaid to the Western Bank, where he’s brutally murdered, Nimer is compelled to choose between the life he thought he desired and his love for Roy.


Compelling dilemma from Israel – By Arthur Leonard

I watched the Dvd movie last night and found this to be a very compelling film, showing the down sides of gay love between an Israeli Jew and a Palestinian in Tel Aviv with dramatic flair. Both stars in the leads are wonderful. This is a low-budget, shot on location film that is loaded with atmosphere. You will find moments of humor as well, however the tone is generally serious and, in the last 15-20 minutes becomes an intense thriller, with an finishing set-up for a sequel, that i hope these filmmakers can make.

A Different Fact for Gay People – By E. ANTHONYAGUON

EXCELLENT MOVIE! They did an amazing job depicting the lives facing homosexual people in different elements of the world as well as class status. The culture in Palestine is so brutal that for one to come out to their family is a death sentence. That is in stark contrast to an upper middle class family in Israel where being homosexual reaches least tolerated. Nimer’s reality was raw and in the moment; his life was built around success and fighting for a better future. Being from an affluent family Roy’s actuality was much easier, more about pulling strings and having things handed to him. Still, the two men loved each other a lot that these were prepared to do just about anything to be jointly. This was a fantastic movie and I would recommend it to everyone ! ! !

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Pale ghost February 2, 2018 - 9:19 pm

Presently the tolerance is appreciated and respected therefore practically at each movie there are such characters, gays and lesbians, it already became habitual). But, nevertheless, it would be desirable to see less frank gay scenes, heteros watch it too!)

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