Date Ideas For Lesbian Women


How to create a perfect lesbian first date

Trying to figure out where to take your date can be a daunting task, especially if it’s the first date. Will she like the traditional dinner and a movie, or will she find that boring? After all, you want to make sure everything goes well on your date to secure more down the line, so what do you do? Easy…read on for some fun date ideas that really truly impress her!

1. Take her to a game
Find out what her favorite team is and score tickets to an upcoming game! She’ll appreciate the fact that you went out of your way to get great tickets to cheer on a team she loves and you’re score brownie points for being so thoughtful. And if she doesn’t have a favorite team, find her favorite sport or even her hometown team to take her to a game and she’ll still appreciate the grand gesture.

2. Pack a picnic
If you want to be romantic, surprise her with a delicious picnic at a nearby park! You can easily have an afternoon brunch or a sunset dinner by simply packing a few of her favorite treats, a bottle of her favorite wine and some delicious dessert. It’s a great way to really talk and get to know each other while showing off your romantic side!

3. Make it a game night
Bring out her competitiveness by hosting a game night at your place! Bring out all the fun, classic games, put some popcorn in the microwave and have her favorite drinks in the fridge and spend the night being kids again as you play her favorite board games to see who wins!

4. Laugh it out
Show off your fun side by heading to a comedy club for your date! You’ll be able to have dinner and drinks and then be entertained by comedians who will make your laugh until your belly hurts! Everyone loves humor and you’ll definitely shine in hey eyes for the unique date idea.

5. Head to a museum
Show her how cultured you are by taking her on a date to a local museum. Find out if she prefers art over history or do your research for any special exhibitions coming to your town. You’ll have endless things to talk about after your museum outing and she’ll love how out-of-the-box the date was!