Top Common Flirting Mistakes Gay Men Make


Dating between gay men can be quite tricky depending on where you live. Some societies are more tolerant towards gays that outwardly express their attraction towards another guy, while other countries still bear a skewed viewpoint on how homosexual men should act. This keeps them locked inside the closet. However, these interesting suggestions about gay flirting can be done no matter where you live.

Why can’t finding love be easy? Preferably we’d skip the whole flirting process and go right to love, sex and marriage. The first steps are always a bit wishy washy, especially when there’s so many hot seafood in the sea. But hey, if you’re looking for a good catch, you need to provide him some bait.

Sadly for most gay guys, there are countless of flirting mistakes we unconsciously do. Too often we listen to our friends reveal how to act instead of hearing our guts. What we think we’re portraying is often incorrect. The text messages we desire to give off are seldom read. So what’s a gay man to do?

First off, in order to know what you’re doing right, you need to know what you’re doing wrong. Here are a few of the very best mistakes you may never have known you’re making. Prepare yourself. Class is within session!

Extreme Sassiness

I love a little sass just as much as another person, but there’s a difference between spunk, humorous sarcasm and flat-out a**hole behavior. The differences are hard to spot when you’re the main one doing the talking, but it’s extremely transparent to the person you’re talking with.

Let’s say a guy places you at a club and manages to squeeze his way towards you. He asks what you’re consuming. “Exactly what does it look like I’m consuming?” you respond thinking you’re displaying a bit of spunk. Generally even if it’s shipped with a giggle, it’ll make him feel somewhat startled (even humiliated). It had taken some guts for him to approach you. The last thing you want is to make him feel uncomfortable. Never pleasant an opportunity to lose the connection.

Now, let’s say you’re the main one doing the getting close to. This can get a bit tricky. I’ve heard some major bombs before, such as “Vodka soda, huh? Oh you’re one particular healthy people” and “I see you’re alone. I hope it’s not because you’re a creep.” To be the very first thing you’ll ever say to a guy, extreme sarcasm is an undesirable move.

Don’t come off too sassy too quick. First impressions are everything in the first conference because it’s how you get to know them sincerely – not underneath a cover up. If sassiness plays a huge part in your personality, that’s great. But take care not to allow it overtake your nerves. In any other case it will be everything he views.

Flirting is not about sex

One wrong notion about flirting with a fellow gay guy is that we tend to think it is all about having sex with him on the first date. However, flirting with sex in mind may come as desperate for some.

When faced with a flirtatious person, make him feel that you are interested in what they have to say instead of what they have to do. In that way, your flirting ends up flourishing because you get to know more about each other.

Bullying The Competition

It’s never a good idea to try to show your power by being snarky or embarrassing either him or the guys around him. Though it might appear like you’re “proving” your well worth or value, the impression comes off as childish and petty. If you’re truly good enough, you wouldn’t need to make another person look bad. Would you?

Whenever there are a countless number of men flirting with one another from the back of the bar to the front entrance, it’s clear that everyone will be trying much too hard to get their attention. Making fun of other people’s clothes, physiques or personalities is never a good notion. You want to give off the vibe that you’re down to earth and also have potential at making him a better person.

Turning into the bully allows him know that you’re bitter and insecure, and will likely be this way tomorrow too, why trouble?

The “Model Poser”

If you’re at a bar, a party or other interpersonal event and you’re seeking to flirt with a guy across the room, for the love God, rid yourself of the model pose. This isn’t a photoshoot or a movie set. Leave the posing at home.

Stop whipping out your telephone, typing a fake message, and posing. Stop keeping your drink or flicking a cigarette as if you were in a freeze framework. You’re not really a two-dimensional artwork, but rather a human being who connects with other humans through communication, body language and dialogue. A bit of art might be inspected from afar, but hardly ever is he approachable.

Guys are drawn to energy. When you’re posing too much, your focus is only on you and exactly how you look. This can be intimidating for those around to even talk with you. You inadvertently shut off one of the most important details when conference a person for the very first time. If you wish to make a solid connection, focus on others, not yourself. You’ll be surprised how quickly their attention gets redirected in your direction.

Bowing The Head

This is a large no-no when it comes to body gestures. It says “I’m sorry,” “I’m uninterested,” “I’m too complicated,” “I’d rather be flirting with the man behind you,” or “I’m soooo bad at this.”

Nothing shows a lack of self-confidence like bowing the top and losing eye-contact. Trust me, he does notice. Doing this gives him more pressure to try and keep you engaged, or he’ll think your uninterested which can make him feel bad.

If there’s one trait that’s shared by the most charismatic people in the world, it’s the ability to make anyone feel like they’re the only ones in the room. It’s gratitude for his or her presence, their feelings and their time. When you show appreciation, you will always welcome it. It’s the guidelines of the universe. When you’re constantly looking to the ground or the ceiling, you’re subconsciously creating a wall. It’s time to break it down.

Really Bad One-Liners

Don’t mess up it with an awful one-liner. All too often we wish to over impress the men we’re thinking about when you are funny or witty. But real laughter isn’t forced or targeted for, but rather experienced spontaneously through situations and related circumstances.

Your goal is to activate, not make him laugh right from the start. That may definitely come later, besides most men tend to laugh at the first meeting out of nervousness so it’s hard to say whether it’s genuine or not. So instead, stick to off-the-wall greetings that show your personality while participating them in conversation. Don’t vacation resort to a whole stand up routine.

Playing The Mute

When someone is participating in discussion, never vacation resort to being truly a mute, i.e. listening, nodding, and adding one-word replies. You don’t seem secret, you’re not conveying “power” and chances are, the one-sided conversation isn’t going to last the first drink.

Start giving as much as he’s providing. Match his energy, match his passion, and you’ll be existing on the same continuum so long as the conversation allows it to. Many homosexual guys often believe that by watching him like a specimen, you’re wonderful him into a bubble just like a snake. Trust me, you’re not.

The give and take active is a superb indicator for compatibility. If it’s not balanced, it’s a definite red flag for future years. By not responding to his questions or by frantically trying to keep your cool, you might seem stand-offish. Start matching the engagement!

Flirting With Other Men As “Bait”

One of the most typical mistakes gay guys make is to lure others in by playing the Scarlet O’Harra schedule. Flirting with as much boys as you possibly can to provide the illusion that you’re valuable and worthy of fighting for. Listen, it’s not the old days anymore. If you’d like you to definitely show interest, you need to make your self available.

The digital age being what it is, i.e. Grindr, OkCupid, men have much more variety than we used to. If you make it known you have plenty of other options, that’s exactly the message he’s heading to get. Eventually he’ll quit and begin looking for another man who’s more available to his flirting attempts. Keep yourself open up.

There’s nothing wrong with flirting, but make it playful and readable that it’s innocent. In any other case he could get a slightly off impression about you. A small amount of hard-to-get is a good thing, but never make him think he’s defeated. Always let him know he’s the very best contender.