The Tyranny of Body Image (Half of the gay men dream of a perfect body)


The tendency of gay men to emphasize physical appearance.

Today gay men are under enormous pressure about their bodies, and we believe that a lack of body diversity in the media, including the gay press, and a relentless focus which values people based on appearance, may in part explain why gay men are particularly susceptible to this issue.

There’s a problem arising in the gay community with this self-image. We are constantly positioned by our elegance just about everywhere we go. The fitness center, the supermarket, even the coffee shop. People underestimate the poison these judgments share with other people. The following point we know, we’re placing the bag of pretzels back again on the shelf because they hot guy in aisle five gave us a glance. Why do we give a F**k what folks think folks?!

The body image is everything and the necessity to please won’t leave unless we start to see the need to breathe. (appears like a Dr. Seuss rhyme, doesn’t it?)

For decades, gay men’s form of rebellion was wearing skimpy clothing and prancing around, displaying as much epidermis as we can. There’s something about it that makes us feel free, since we’ve been so oppressed most of our lives. However now that society is gaining momentum in our acceptance, putting on rebellious clothes is no more needed. Instead, we’ve taken that fashion and transformed it into a course system predicated on type. How chiseled is it possible to be?

“Oh – if you’re putting on a tank top and you also don’t have a six pack, don’t trouble…”

– Random gay guy on the street.

It’s absolutely nuts. In the ’70s, no one cared about body image. The sexiest part of a guy was confidence. Take a look at people like Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Burt Reynolds. At least these people experienced personalities. Their bodies weren’t the most amazing thing in the earth, but they experienced such self-confidence that made you look past all that. Men nowadays are so to their systems – every ripple, every angle – they have no idea how to carry a discussion. Now tell me people, why on the planet could you desire to be like that?

The body image is defined by YOU! Love yourself and realize how stupid the world is perfect for not doing the same. Don’t let the world move you by because you’re too busy worrying about the little droop under your chin. These things don’t matter. The greatest thing is that once you appreciate your body, you will start to see how absurd everything is. The people that judge aren’t judging you, however in fact they’re trying so difficult to make others think that they’re better. It’s kind of pathetic.

You are unique. It’s not the world’s job to love you. I’ve always believed that you train people how to take care of you. Teach the world to give you respect and lead by example. They’re only heading to follow you. Look in the mirror and love what the truth is, damn it! We’re stuck in this body for life – minimal we can do is celebrate.

Life is the largest lottery ticket in the universe. Just one sperm from the millions made you. Think about the other “efforts” your parents had to conceive you. Now imagine their parents, and theirs, completely back to the beginning of time – which finished up here. With you! There’s grounds why you’re here. Speak up for your own self. You are suitable because you were born. You’ve made it this far because you deserve it. And you’re heading to thrive because you understand you are.

Toss the tears away and dance.

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Alex Dudarew February 2, 2018 - 1:16 am

I think this is not just a problem for gays. Television and advertising impose their own standards of beauty. And many who want to be successful try to conform to this standard. That is the problem.

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