5 Reasons Every Hip Gay Guy Should Visit Sydney


Even though we don’t need a particular reason to visit this amazing city, it seems that our gay ways turned us to some more exotic destinations during 2018, Tel Aviv being the most popular one. However, what many fail to notice is that Sydney is not only a great place for every person on this planet, but it’s also a must-visit place for every gay guy out there as it offers something for literally everyone. So, if you have a trip on your radar for this year, why not go to Sydney and indulge yourselves in all the magic it offers? Starting from the extremely rich nightlife to some of the most beautiful landscapes and sights, Sydney is not only a place of great fun and beauty, but it will also make your Instagram account much more interesting. Do we have your full attention now?

The Sydney gay nightlife

Many outsiders consider Sydney to be the gay mecca of the Down Under, and they couldn’t be more right. Sydney has it all – amazing parades (such as the very popular annual Mardi Gras parade), a plethora of clubs for both gay guys and lesbians, and even outdoor daylight parties such as Daywash where you can dance till your heart hits your heels (or until you see a handsome half-naked guy who wants your number). What you certainly don’t want to miss are the amazing drag shows that are hosted here, specifically in a club called Tokyo Sing Song. This club shows the diversity of the LGBTQI life in Australia, and it’s a basement bar in Newtown that hosts the most amazing parties. No matter what club you choose as your weapon, the gay nightlife experience in Sydney is truly unforgettable.

The waterfront restaurants

Even though this is not a gay thing per se, if you’re travelling with your special someone to Sydney then this is definitely something you cannot miss out on. One of the perks of Sydney is that it has some of the best waterfront locations in the world, so having lunch at one of them will be a great experience. Not only will you be eating the most amazing dishes from Australia, but you will also be enjoying the mesmerizing view. Try some of the best restaurants, such as Ripples, Aqua Dining or the OTTO Ristorante on the Woolloomooloo Wharf.

Whiskey tasting

Gays and classy alcohol – name a more iconic duo. Visiting Australia cannot go without visiting one of its many amazing wineries and distilleries located all over the continent. However, since you are ultra-classy and you want that authentic Australian experience, the best idea would be to try the best whiskey tasting in Sydney as you will remember this moment for many years to come. Come dressed to impress (just like you always do!), try different kinds of whiskey, choose your favorite one and go back to your home with a bottle so that you could show off to your friends just a tiny bit. We kinda do that, don’t we?

Surfing at one of the most beautiful beaches

When you think of Australia, do you think of kangaroos or perhaps of jaw-droppingly hot, tanned men getting out of the water after a good surfing session? Yes, probably the latter one. So if you want to experience this first-hand, or simply witness this spectacular moment, you can always hit one of the best gay beaches in Sydney and the most important surfing spots. There’s also the option of you checking out Bondi beach where you can not only watch surfers do their magic, but also sign up for a surfing class.

Taking photos at Royal Botanical Gardens

Nothing more important to gays than Instagram (OK, perhaps we would definitely love to see some Chris Hemsworth frontal nudity but we will just have to wait on that) so why not check out the Royal Botanical Gardens and take some of the most beautiful photos there? Not only is this a great place to relax and explore, but you can also opt for a yoga class in the park if you’re into this art.


Yes, Sydney is definitely a place that you have to visit, and if we were to include every single reason to go there, this article would be at least a mile long. This is why you should take our word and see it for yourself!