5 Best Sex Toys for Gay Men


Even though not many people will agree with this statement, there is no sex like gay sex. Yes, straight guys and girls, even though you do not believe us, it is true. The reason for this is not simply because a guy knows another guy’s body the most, it is also because we tend to try different things and are not afraid of the new. Apart from inviting other people into our bed (which is not something that is must, this greatly depends on the type of the relationship the couple has), we can sauce things up with the use of some of the most original and unusual adult sex toys. Straight guys and girls still consider this as something taboo (come on, it’s 2020 y’all), while we… well, we are a completely different story. But, another truth is that not all gay guys use adult sex toys for pleasure. This is why, if you want to try it out but you do not know what to start with:

1. A cock ring

Cock rings, or C-rings have become quite a popular and very common item in the household of gay people. Even though this is somewhat associated mostly with gay guys who prefer kinky sex, the truth is quite the opposite, as a C-ring is there for the pleasure of any kind of sex that you like. And yes, it is perfectly safe. The purpose of the cock ring is to restrict the blood flow during a guy’s erection which will, as a result, give him a harder erection which he will be able to keep even after cumming. So, if you are a quick cummer and you still want to have your boner for a longer period of time and thus help out your partner, the cock ring is the perfect sex toy for you.

2. A fleshlight

Apart from cock rings, you have probably seen a lot of fleshlights being used by gay people all around the internet (come on, we know you have been watching porn secretly on Twitter). However, this is not a sex toy that only gay men use, as it is for the pleasure of literally any guy, no matter what sex he’s into. The thing with fleshlights is that there is a pool of different varieties, kinds and brands, and each one has a different price attached to it. Even though the price can be an indicator of quality, you can browse online for adult toys and find ones that are of reasonable price and good quality. In order to have an even better experience, make sure that you use a good lube.

3. A plug

If you enjoy a bit of anal play, then a butt plug might be the perfect adult toy for you. If you have never tried it before, make sure you do. The thing with butt plugs is that everyone likes it, not only bottoms (yes, there is a big percentage of straight people who like using butt plugs during sex, but let’s keep that a secret now, shall we). However, if you opt for buying a plug, you will have to know that they come in different sizes, so it would be very advisable to get the smallest or the second smallest first, just to be on the safe side. 

4. Wireless toys

It is the XXI century, so it is quite logical that we will get a futuristic sex toy. Wireless toys are the proof of this, and speaking of a good wireless toy, one can think of the Edge toy by Lovense (but there are similar toys by other brands as well), which is an amazing toy that can be controlled via the smartphone. What’s the deal with it? Well, the toy vibrates and is being controlled by a smartphone, which means that it is a great way to spice up your sexual life if you are in a long-distance relationship. This is also the best toy that you should have if you want to make your way as a sex cam performer on OnlyFans, for example.

5. VR toys

And finally, there is always the possibility of getting a VR toy. This definitely is a toy that has been gaining a lot of popularity recently, and it can really broaden your horizons if you let it. It might be pricier (and here, the price, in most cases, determines the quality of the product), but it is definitely worth it, especially if you want to try something new.


It is 2020, and it is definitely high time we said buy to the stigma behind adult sex toys. Gay people really did find out about the benefits of these toys, but why not make it something completely normal and ordinary? Try at least one of these five, and you will see that you will not want to go back.