‘Non-Binary’ Outta Compton with a story to share. ‘LiME’ film screener for review / Interview!


Based on Donta’s upbringing, Set in the urban jungle of Compton, CA in the early ’00s, LiME tells the story of Deshawn, a young man who discovers how hard it is to live in his truth after experiencing the bitterness of the real world. He has a choice, to conform to societal norms, or….be the sweet amongst the sour.

Donta Storey is a Black nonbinary- queer filmmaker and we are interested in collaborating with you on an interview/ Q&A or offering the film up for review for Queer Life . Your publication is pretty solid when it comes to pop culture and whats hot in film and music and we think your site reviewing the film befoe the 4/30//20 release would be amazing.

LiME was released via Amazon Prime and Retrospective of Jupiter on March 31st, 2020, however on April 30th, 2020 the film will be released via the popular LGBTQIA themed streaming service Dekkoo.com. ( I will include a link to the trailer and film at the end of this email. )

LiME is my client’s first film as writer/ producer and director. The film won Honorable Mention for shorts at The San Francisco Black Film festival and closed out the festival run with the Los Angeles Famous OUTFEST Fusion Film Festival in March 2020. The film has screened across the U.S in places like Los Angeles, San Diego, New Orleans, Chicago, Il, Washington.DC, Baltimore, and Dallas, and with the exciting release on Dekkoo we hope to garner a revitalized audience.

Donta is from Compton, California, and returned 15 years after leaving to direct and produce their first film while defying barriers and binaries in community, culture, and family. Reaching beyond their neighborhood, societal, and family expectations, we invite you to witness the gifted journey of a nonbinary, innovative, and bold voice. LiME isn’t a traditional coming out story, but it is a realistic view of what it is to be an outsider in a community that you love and want to belong to more than you know. Not only did they decide to put a pause on acting to raise funds for their film, but they wrote, produced and directed this film in under 6 months, and finished the festival run at Outfest Fusion this March in Los Angeles, which felt full circle, is that it was being celebrated amongst their queer film community while in their hometown of Los Angeles. Not only is LiME their first film, but it’s a walk in the shoes of what it means to be THEM.

I reached out to your publication because this film was created and shared through their very cathartic lens and If I may, I would like to pitch a hybrid with a review of the film, but something that also focuses on my client’s film making process, experience being black, nonbinary while in the business, and what it’s been like presenting between two genders and how that aided them in learning to be themselves. We want to use this time to put together a piece that appeals to the now, to the Allies and the community.

Once you watch the film, hopefully, you feel the same about the piece as I do regarding getting it in front of as many eyes as possible. Donta has several up and coming films, one short and a feature they’ve already secured funding for, and are in pre-production that circle out of the box experiences. It would be great to discuss all of this with you.

Look forward to hearing back. I hope you enjoy the film 🙂

Watch LiME below ( all hyperlinks)

Available now on Amazon Prime Video / Click for TRAILER

Watch via Retrospective of Jupiter

The film will also be distributed via Dekkoo.com 4/30/2020


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