Same-Sex Couples Guide Talks Politics


Demian – the author of “Operating Manual for Same-Sex Couples: Navigating the rules, rites & rights” – declares; “Strong-arm” politicians use belittling, and defaming language, when talking about minorities to get campaign donations. These politicians create policies which dangerously sever minorities from education, jobs, health care, immigration, and welfare opportunities.”

This self-help book is unusual in that it contains a lot of political information. The radical right-wing has always threatened the LGBT community, especially those who same-sex couples. Surveys have shown that about 60 percent of the lesbian and gay community are in a relationship.

Republican court-packing, and gerrymandered voting districts, merely set the stage for ignoring the will of the people and creating rule by the wealthy. However, it’s the direct anti-gay/lesbian/trans legal actions by Trump, Pence, DeSantis, and their ilk, that have made the world far more dangerous.

One powerful, timeless, and predictable tool the radical right-wingers use is to forbid open discussion of minority issues. This is especially used in school classrooms and in justifying textbook removal. It is also used to ban books from public libraries that talk honestly about minority lives. The American Library Association states that of the 1,597 attempted book bans, half the top 10 most-banned books had “LGBTQIA+” content.

Amnesty International is promoting “Banned Books Week,” which starts on September 15. Librarian and faculty advisor for Amnesty International’s student group at a College in Arizona, has written: “Efforts to censor and ban books across the country are increasing with great concern. Threats to my colleagues, especially those at public and school libraries, are also increasing.”

The “Operating Manual for Same-Sex Couples” includes many articles on the dangers perpetrated by governmental bullies, and how to challenge them. It also has articles on the importance of legal marriage, which is now, once again, threatened by theocratic and fascist politicians. Besides the politics, there’s articles on sex, finances, legal precautions, counseling issues, famous same-sex couples, and numerous resource lists.

From Demian, in the book’s Foreword: “Our committed relationships are sacred. It is time they were fully nurtured and protected by our social and political systems. This collection of information and advice is prepared with the view that we should settle for nothing less.”


Demian has a doctorate in education, is director of “Partners Task Force for Gay & Lesbian Couples” – the Web site is now archived at https// –  He authored “Operating Manual for Same-Sex Couples: Navigating the rules, rites & rights” which is available at – More about the book at

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