Top 10 Sex Toys Every Gay Man Should Own


Sex toys are already popular enough among gay men because they simply make sex better.

If you’re thinking about buying one to add to your collection, you may be wondering about the top choices. We’ve accepted the task of ranking the best gay sex toys, helping you find the most pleasurable, functional and high-quality items.

1. Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air Masturbator

Could a masturbator ever be considered a high-tech sex toy? It most definitely can, especially if it works like the Arcwave Ion Pleasure Air masturbator.

The company’s proprietary Pleasure Air technology brings targeted airwaves to the most sensitive penile bits. While the stimulation feels gentle at first, it quickly builds up to something unbelievably intense.

Arcwave Ion is great to use on your own or as a warm-up tool with your partner. It can also be used while bottoming, guaranteeing the most explosive orgasm ever.

2. Colours Pride Edition Rainbow Dildo

Pride dildos aren’t just functional pleasure items, they also make a powerful statement. If you’re looking for a great one to buy, choose the Colours Pride Edition Rainbow Dildo.

It delivers an excellent price to quality ratio as you’ll be enjoying high-quality, smooth and non-porous silicone construction. The material is fully waterproof, allowing for shower fun and easy cleaning (the dildo can be boiled whenever you want to get it sterilized). 

The dildo is available in a couple of sizes, giving you lots of versatility depending on your needs.

3. Lelo Tor 2 Cock Ring

A good cock ring is a must-have if you’d like to enhance your erections and experience more powerful orgasms than ever before. Getting a vibrating one will also lead to better fun during masturbation and a lot more pleasure during partnered sex.

Lelo Tor 2 is one of the most powerful vibrating cock rings on the market now and it impresses with a few additional features. The cock ring has a stretchy silicone construction that will fit most guys. It gives you an array of vibration speeds to test and it can be worn in several ways to stimulate different parts of the penis and your partner during penetrative sex.

4. Nexus Beat Prostate Massager

A good prostate massager like Nexus Beat makes both sex and masturbation that much better.

Nexus Beat uses the company’s rhythmic thumper technology that adds pulsations in the tip on top of the various vibration settings. Additionally, the design incorporates a perineum massager for external prostate stimulation.

A few more things that make Nexus Beat worth checking out include an intuitive wireless remote, a fully waterproof construction and a battery life of up to 100 minutes.

5. Je Joue Vibrating Butt Plug

A vibrating butt plug, just like a prostate massager, provides wonderful opportunities to reach and target the male G-spot. The task is super easy to accomplish with a larger plug like this high quality Je Joue creation.

The Je Joue vibrating butt plug has a swollen top and a slightly curved head that’s ideal for precise prostate stimulation. Three speeds and two vibration patterns add to the variety of enjoying the plug.

Made of premium silicone, the butt plug is fully body-safe and also waterproof. It can be great fun in the shower or the bathtub, whether you’re on your own or with a partner.

6. Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Masturbator

This entry in our list is slightly different from the other masturbator we featured because it’s designed for hands-free use.  The Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo has another cool feature – a controller that resembles a smartwatch and goes around the wrist for added convenience.

The masturbator wraps snugly around the shaft of the penis and it delivers nine oscillation and five vibration speeds. The cool things include it can be used on both flaccid and erect penises and it can even function as an erection aid.  Fully waterproof and rechargeable, it’s a lazy tool that gets the job done while also ensuring pleasure variety.

  1. Master Series Expanding Anal Dilator

 Getting stretched to the limit adds a whole new dimension to anal sex. You can accomplish the goal with an inflatable butt plug or even better – with an expanding anal dilator like this beautiful piece.

The Master Series Expanding Anal Dilator has a hollow shaft, giving your lover the most erotic view. It’s also clear and crafted from flexible TPE. The design puts the focal stretch on the internal rectal wall, which means there’s never a risk of feeling over-stretched or getting injured during the experience.

8. Lelo Loki Vibrating Prostate Massager

Here’s an alternative prostate massager design that allows for very easy targeting of that sensitive spot.

Lelo Loki has six different vibration speeds and patterns to allow for distinctive experiences each time.  its ergonomic design facilitates insertion while the smooth silicone construction makes it so silky and pleasant to use.

The prostate massager features intuitive control buttons on the handle, enabling single-hand operations.

9. Man Squeeze Pierce Paris Ass Stroker

Do you have a crush on a handsome piece of man candy you’ve seen in adult films? An ass masturbator will give you the chance to play out that fantasy and have a great time.

Man Squeeze Pierce Paris Ass Stroker is molded directly from this famous stud’s anatomy. Crafted from super soft Ultraskyn, the stroker feels very lifelike (plus it warms up to body temperature quickly).

One cool feature we really enjoyed is the squeeze plate, allowing you to control the suction and the pressure you’ll get to experience while stroking. The masturbator is very textured on the inside, stimulating every cell on your glans and the shaft of your penis.

10. Dorcel Thrusting and Vibrating Double Dildo

A double dildo is super awesome to use in the moments when both of you want to bottom. This particular piece isn’t just beautifully sculpted from silky smooth silicone, it also has stimulating functions for the most unforgettable experience.

The Dorcel double dildo is a thrusting and vibrating anal toy, perfect for targeting that prostate. You get nine thrusting and nine vibration settings, enabling lots of sexy exploration. The dildo also has a bendable body and shape memory, as well as a long-lived rechargeable battery.

These are just a few of the must-try items if you enjoy variety and intensity during sex. Needless to say, various other products can satisfy the needs of queer guys. From nipple clamps to penis extenders and double penetration toys, there are lots of amazingly sexy alternatives worth checking out.