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I Don’t Just like Being Gay

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I Don’t Just like Being Gay


In order to live a happy life you must first acknowledge who you really are

Really dont like being gay. I have personally already accepted the fact that I’m gay and that presently there isn’t anything that I can perform about it.

I understand that it was by no means a choice and that, in order to be pleased with myself, I have to be “happy” with IT. But I am not.

I realized that I used to be gay when I was 17 and, at that time, only accepted to myself that I was gay, but I was under no circumstances happy with it. It was similar to I was told I had malignancy; it’s the truth, but My spouse and i didn’t want to think about.

I had formed always assumed that it was my personal youth that prevented me personally from truly accepting my own sexuality and that I would ultimately, sort of, “grow out of it”. But in two weeks, I can turn 24 and my personal attitude towards my libido hasn’t changed at all.

My loved ones is the most important thing to me. We have been through hell and back again. My siblings know Im gay and still love myself the same as they’ve always got. But they both agree that my parents will never accept me personally as a gay son. I had developed always assumed that they might live with me in their ripe-old ages and that they would be the capabilities for my children which i didn’t have.

I’ve turn out to co-workers in the past as well as the fear of rejection isn’t amazingly large. Although it’s usually DEFINITELY been there. I know this might sound bad. But I could not really care less what they think of myself, it’s my family that’s essential. But the reality is, you need a work to feed yourself and it would become exceedingly hard to become an excellent employee should you be always afraid to share your self with your coworkers.

The same holds true for making strong friendships. I usually thought that I would marry, have got children and live the type of life that my parents unsuccessfully worked so hard to give to us. That definitely will not happen.

Why? First, gays(i think they are sick) can’t have children. Second, It would be notoriously difficult to get into a lifelong relationship with another man when I cannot accept that I WANT to be with another man (this originates from my dating experiences), and third (the most important) you can’t guide children in to adulthood if you, yourself cannot accept yourself like an adult.

Professional counseling is great, should you be wealthy. But for me, I just can’t help but feel that life would be so much rosier if I had been born directly.

Dear Unhappily gay,

You are so wrong in a lot of ways. Gays can include children, they can marry plus they can definitely live very happy and fulfilling lives. I understand that you just don’t want to be gay and you would want another life. Very well, I don’t really understand that, but I do accept this.

Life can be tough however it can also very beautiful. Concentrate your energy into positive points instead of the negatives. Who will you be? are you just someone who loves men? is that what your a lot more all about? I don’t think therefore and I don’t think you could have accepted who you really happen to be as a person.

You really are a beautiful person. You will be unique and you are surrounded by friends and family. You are now someone incredibly special to our b-gay. contendo readers. By asking this kind of question, you may be helping people who you will never know. Their world may change because they know what you are going through. So your life has which means in so many ways. Does not that make you happy?

Stop dreaming you were straight. The grass is not always healthier on the other side. Find out who you are and accept the destiny. Talk to other homosexual people. Once you do that, you will find the key to a successful and happy life.


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