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Violence, Bullying and LGBT Youth

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Violence, Bullying and LGBT Youth


All Youth Deserve To Feel Safe. Bullying Is A Human Rights Violation.

LGBT Youth Bullying Statistics

When is it considered okay to take away someone’s rights? A person can’t be defined by one word. Homosexual is one word. Tv and movies never have perfectly portrayed all of Us citizens since it began. Having two mothers or two fathers isn’t the worst thing that could happen. A child growing up with two fathers or two moms will think that it is normal. According to many ethnicities and religions, being a homosexual is incorrect and it does not really can be found. Homosexuals are being shunned by supporters of the faiths. LGBT teens will think about or attempt suicide because they encounter bullies at school, work, and in other general public areas. The problem of gay rights was just like women’s rights in the 1920s. Homosexuals do not look any different from heterosexuals. Marriage is a topic of many young girls and even some guys daydreams. Russia lately passed laws that make gay rights non-existent. Nothing can transform an LGBT female or male.
When describing a person’s personality, greater than a word or phrase comes to brain. That is because the human being brain and personality is more technical than a solitary phrase or even a solitary phrase. Obviously, one term may stand out in one’s brain more than others, but that will not imply that it’s the only word that describes that person. An LGBT man or woman is more than his / her sexuality. Only some several words or phrases may be used to partially describe a person. “Homosexual” is phrase that can be applied to a person. Gay rights shouldn’t be a concern because taking away gay rights is like taking away individual rights. If she or he cannot list several bad and the good things that describe another person’s personality, he or she does not know enough about the other person to judge him or her. For someone to accurately know another person, he or she must take the time to ask questions and find out about her or him. If someone will know enough to judge that person, hopefully, he or she will be kind and smart enough to learn that common sense is not necessary.
The term “gay” refers to being “happy.” It was used as such for a long period in history. Christmas songs use the term with the meaning of being happy or happy. The lyrics in “Deck the Halls” say “Don we have now our gay clothing.” Now, the word “homosexual” has been used as an insult. Being homosexual is appeared down on, and many people believe being homosexual is very sinful and dreadful. The world has used a simple phrase with an optimistic definition and put a negative spin on it. This past year, Hallmark sold Xmas items as the stores do each year. This past year brought up an argument. The store transformed the words to “Deck the Halls” (Hallmark). Hallmark changed the word “homosexual” to “fun.” Hallmark was criticized on Facebook for changing the words. The store released a declaration saying that the word “has multiple meanings…” (Hallmark) The store is right. Homosexual has many meanings to it, and someone might misinterpret the use. However, Hallmark did not have justification to replace the term. Most people know that tune, or are at least slightly familiar with it.
Television shows do not accurately show how life is today in america. Since tv shows started, the shows got to follow a certain code that fundamentally said what could and could not be shown on screen. Before the television series “I REALLY LIKE Lucy,” all couples on television were white. If there were any black actors, these were given little parts or stereotypical parts. “I REALLY LIKE Lucy” was the first tv show that demonstrated a mixed few. Today, there are shows which have gay couples. One example is a tv series titled “The Fosters”. The pilot show premiered last fall. The show revolves around a multiracial, lesbian couple that fosters children. Not merely is the couple like multiracial like in “I Love Lucy,” however the couple is also gay. One Million Mothers is a traditional group that has a particular image of family and relationship. One Million Mothers is associated with American Family Association, which is conventional. One Million Moms made attempts to stop “The Fosters” from airing (Bauder). “The group has said it items to the show’s redefining of relationship and family” (Bauder). Both “I REALLY LIKE Lucy” and “The Fosters” are good examples of how some people may object to this content at that time, but there are people who don’t mind this content and even benefit from the show.
A movie featuring a heterosexual few does not get negative reviews credited to disagreement with the couple’s sexuality. When movies like “Dear John” or “The Notebook” first came out, complaints in regards to a man and girl kissing weren’t heard. Women adored the Nicholas Sparks movies. Many women forced their boyfriends or girlfriends to go see them, as well. “Brokeback Mountain” has a teenage homosexual couple, and area of the audience was annoyed. In most films made lately, there is at least one man and one female that the audience would like to see together. Other films dare showing a homosexual romantic relationship. Many times those films receive some negative opinions because of the “sinful” behavior.
A common argument is that raising a child with two mothers or two fathers will lead to bullying for the kid. Did anyone believe if parents trained their children to respect and become kind to others, children wouldn’t have to get worried about being bullied? Children are extremely impressionable. Parents are a child’s first role models. Some believe that if a child does not have a job model for both genders, his or her development may absence just a little. A teacher, friend, sibling, aunt, uncle, or librarian can be a role model. As long as a kid has a man role model and a female role model, they might grow up properly fine. If a child matures having two dad or two mothers, she or he will believe every family is like his or hers until he or she gets older.
Religious people around the world have been fighting equal gay rights. Among their reasons is that it is against their religious beliefs. It is actually at the primary of their debate. A person’s religious beliefs may be against homosexuality, but religious beliefs also says that view on other folks is also wrong. In the Bible, Luke 6:37 says “Judge not, and you’ll not be judged; Condemn not and you’ll not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven.” The only perfect human is Jesus Christ. That means that the rest of the human population ever sold is sinful and did wrong. Every human has made mistakes, so what makes someone believe that he or she can hate another person for committing a different sin?
Children are being bullied every day at school because they are just a little bit unique of the other kids. Heterosexuality is known as “normal” and it is broadly accepted. Other folks aren’t very open up minded about things other than what they classify as “normal.” According to the LGBT community, about one-fourth of kids are bullied because of something that pieces them apart from the “norm” (Bullying Figures). You can find multiple types of bullying such as verbal, physical, and indirect bullying. “Inside a 2005 study about homosexual bullying statistics, teens reported that the quantity two reason that these were bullied was because of their actual or perceived intimate orientation, or gender manifestation” (Bullying Statistics). Someone might suppose that another person is not direct, and see your face could become a sufferer of any type bullying. Even if a teen is not actually homosexual, she or he may be bullied if another person assumes that he or she is gay.
It’s been shown that teens who are bullied for these reasons consider and attempt suicide more regularly than those who find themselves not bullied therefore. Forty-seven percent of gay adolescent males and seventy-three percent of gay adolescent girls acquired thoughts about suicide (McDonald). Twenty-nine percent of homosexual adolescent kids actually attempted suicide because of bullies. Fifty-two percent of homosexual adolescent ladies attempted suicide for the same reason. Transgender teens tend to turn out with their peers before their parents or other adults. “Almost ninety percent of transgender teens admit they have experienced verbal harassment (and 32 percent say that harassment has come from college staff)” (McDonald). Nobody has the right to make another person so horrible about himself or herself that he or she would try to take his or her own life. Coming out as a LGBT teen can be quite difficult, and it can put extra stress on his or her life trying to hide it from everyone around him or her. It could be very frightening, especially if the other person does not take it as well as prepared.

Before the 1920s, women were fighting for the same rights as men like the right to vote. Similar to the women during the woman’s suffrage, homosexual women and men are not looking to have more rights than others. They just want as many rights as their heterosexual counterparts. Before woman’s suffrage, women weren’t very well respect. They could not have the same jobs as men. They couldn’t vote. There really wasn’t much a woman could choose from to pursue as a profession other than a housewife. Women, eventually, earned respect from men, and the choices expanded. Homosexuals want the respect from others, too. In recent years, we have made some improvement with relationship equality, but homosexuals still don’t have the same privileges as heterosexuals.
If a person walks down the street and passes someone else walking the other way, he or she would not have the ability to tell whether the other person is heterosexual or homosexual. Anyone that a person comes into connection with during everyday activities could be a homosexual and he or she wouldn’t know it unless the other person told her or him. A person’s sexuality does not affect his / her appearance. The only thing that it impacts is who she or he finds attractive.
Recently, Russia banned all things related to homosexuality. All of the rights of gay folks have been recinded. LGBT people from any country are prohibited from adopting children from Russia (Dark). Single people from countries where same-sex marriage is legal are not allowed to adopt Russian children either (Black). The reason behind that would be that the adoption company does not want the one parent obtaining a same-sex marriage after the adoption is final (Black). Same-sex marriages are also banned. Last summer, Russian officials managed to get illegal to tell children about homosexual equality (Black). If children do not learn about homosexual equality, it’ll be more difficult for the children to understand that homosexual men and girl are not awful people for their sexuality. We live in a divided world. Countries like Russia are banning LGBT people off their culture. Other countries are making strides toward making life easier for homosexual men and women.
The right to marry is important to any family no matter the sexuality of the two people engaged and getting married. It really is an important milestone in a human’s life. Many ladies develop up daydreaming about the individual she will marry. She may plan out the complete wedding like the dress, location, food, and blossoms. Girls anticipate your day that they state “I do” from an age. Some young boys may also consider it from time to time. Having a legislation against same-sex relationship, many people won’t reach have the wedding that they always needed. Gay marriage is now legal in some states, but it should be legal in every state. Who think that it is alright to tell right couples they can only be wedded in a few state governments? Anyone would like to walk down that aisle and see the person that she or he loves the most standing at the other end. Parents also look forward to assisting their children plan a marriage. A mother wants to help her little girl find a dress and choose flowers.
Dr. Seuss wrote, “A person’s a person, no matter how small.” He was right about people. One is a person whether he or she is tall or brief, blonde or brunette. It isn’t okay to take away someone else’s rights. Words are powerful, to allow them to be utilized to bully someone. Words are not as complicated as the human being personality though. A person cannot accurately be summed up into one phrase. Tv shows and films have began including more gay couples lately, but they never have completely swept up with the complete of American life yet. Two mothers or two fathers would be different than getting a mother and a father, but it would not be considered a bad thing. Multiple cultures and religions have shunned gays like the Mormon trust and Russia. No person should bully another person for just about any reason. LGBT teenagers will think about and attempt suicide. Nobody should feel that terrible about himself or herself. Women were fighting for his or her privileges in the 1920s and homosexuals are fighting for their rights today. There is nothing at all that changes a homosexual’s appearance. Many girls grow up fantasizing about their wedding and they shouldn’t be denied it. Homosexuals need not change to please heterosexual people.