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Gay Love Fun Details & Figures


Gay Love Fun Details & Figures


9 mil gays live in the US in addition to 1500 “gay” animal varieties

Did you know that – according to surveys – at a minimum of 9 million LGBT persons live in the U. H., which is 3.8 % of the adult population?

Around 1 million children inside the U. S. are becoming raised by same-sex lovers, and the state with the many gay couples is Cal, with approximately 92, 138 couples. The state with the least gay couples is North Dakota, with approximately 703 couples.

Some scholars currently have proposed that the first gay and lesbian couple in history is the historic Egyptian servants Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum who lived about 2400 B. C., yet homosexuality in the human race is most likely as old as mankind itself.

Homosexual behavior continues to be observed in 1, 500 pet species and is most common among animals with a complicated herd life. The entire types of the dwarf chimpanzee, for instance , is in fact bisexual.

graphic facts about gays


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