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Masculine vs. Feminine Energy

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Masculine vs. Feminine Energy


Masculine & Feminine Side

Everyone has both a masculine and a feminine side. This basic polarity is part of you whether you are a  man or woman, boy or girl. Most of the time, the preferences lie in your own form of manhood. If you’re womanly, chances are you’d be more compatible with the contrary and vice versa. But how come this matter in the long run? Both of us have our talents and weaknesses with either trait.

In the gay community, there’s a stigma that is noticeable in the rear of our brains. It’s troubling to see that the majority of homosexual man are unpleasant around super womanly gays – so what does that do to the fems? Gay society is meant to be the group that is most receiving in all respects. It’s not like femininity was exactly preferred in senior high school. The most feminine person is usually the prospective in any group. They’re the most vulnerable and will be the least more likely to defend themselves because of the fragility.

You see it in movies, in TV shows, and in literature. Female guys will be the butt of the joke. The pressure that is included with it is tremendous since most people don’t take this type of characteristic “seriously.” Why is that the way it is? Who made the rule that if you aren’t as butch as ordinary people, you are all of a sudden shunned to the back of the course system?

People prefer to use testosterone as a factor in this. Do you know what. It’s not! A few of the most womanly guys I understand are bald (which is the result of a high testosterone level). So there. We need to realize that they have nothing to do with our biology, it is just the way we are! Most of our personality is produced when we are between the ages of 2 and 5. During this time period, we develop our likes and dislikes, tastes and preferences, & yes, masculine and womanly attributes. Men are men. We are designed the same in and out. There shouldn’t be considered a problem if someone is more “womanly” than the other.

Masculine men don’t own it easy either. Imagine being the one who is always under the radar, nobody ever knowing their “Secret.” I’ve spoken to numerous men who have experienced the pressure to stay as masculine as they can at the job or school in concern with someone learning that they could be homosexual. When someone isn’t as apparent, it opens the entranceway for other folks to make homosexual jokes or slurs without ever knowing the truth.

WHY iS tHe pResSuRe so HIGH?!

We’re all homosexual, people! It’s like we have to make a gay scale of just one 1 – 10 to decide HOW gay we are. Ten being a “flamer” and 1 being “Straight-acting.” This whole stigma is rooted within us because of society’s choice. It’s all another ploy to please the world, yet again. Let’s get over what society thinks folks and you need to be ourselves. If we can’t accept it, then how are we going to let everybody else do the same? It begins with us.

Feminine men need to stop being portrayed as the weakling, because they’re not. Masculine men need to stop being considered the “correct” option, because it’s not. Both are trying desperately to please culture that it’s driving us mad. The only answer is to stay true to who you are. Straight men, that are just a little on the womanly part, are usually made fun of and called the “F” term for homosexual constantly (we know what word that is). Everybody knows this to be true, so let’s stop the assessment and just figure out how to worry about ourselves alone.