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5 Best Christmas Gift Ideas Your Hipster Boyfriend Will Adore

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5 Best Christmas Gift Ideas Your Hipster Boyfriend Will Adore


Choosing the present for your boyfriend is a hard task, especially if you’re dating a too-cool-for-Christmas hipster guy! You might think a pair of the tightest pants you can find will do, but not everyone’s into that. However, these gifts will make every hipster end up with an ironic tear in his eye! Take a look and surprise your avant-garde boyfriend this holiday season.

A movie projector

For the cinephile in your life, a movie projector! Any true hipster will love this gift, especially if you’re willing to curl up by his side and watch his favorite movies together. He can also plug in his gaming console, watch sports, organize dance parties with music videos and even use it as a handy laptop companion for work presentations! Most of these projectors come with a hefty price tag, but since they are a gift that will last for a long time and can be used daily, spending a few hundred dollars isn’t such a huge deal. If you want something less expensive, you can opt for a smartphone projector, but don’t expect the same results!

A set of new headphones

If music is more your boy’s style, allow him to ditch his ordinary earbuds and switch to something high-quality and stylish. Today, there are countless styles of headphones, but hipsters are usually attracted to something in-your-face like a vintage pair of Panasonic Retro headphones or Tribeca Aviator-Style ones. These will let him enjoy his awesome music and ignore people who try to communicate with him on his morning commute in style!

An espresso machine

If he doesn’t like coffee, is he even a hipster? Good coffee is a staple of every hipster diet (and at the top of the gay food pyramid), so make sure your boy gets the best of the best with a quality espresso machine that will allow him to make a perfect cup of joe every time! Get him a bunch of different capsules of the strongest kind that will help him snap out of bed and be the best boyfriend you can wish for. And when you sleep over, expect to wake up to a seductive smell of a fresh brew—it’s a win situation for both of you! Throw in a cute set of mugs and you’ll look like the cutest couple in the world.

A quality shaving kit

He probably takes longer to get ready than anyone, so you might as well make it worth his time with a quality shaving kit! Forget about those normie scents and get him something truly manly. For instance, combine a Bourbon Cedar shaving cream with an old-school double-edged, single blade razor and he’ll always come out of the bathroom smelling like Tom of Finland (or what we imagine he smells)! You can throw in a 2-in-1 beard tincture that can soften his beard pre-shave, but also double as beard oil, if he decides to embrace his bear nature!

Cashmere winter gear

What’s a boy to do when it’s too cold outside to ride his bike? He’ll forego the smelly bus and opt for an eco-friendly option of transportation—he’ll walk. So, make sure to provide him with all the warmth and comfort during cold winter months with a designer scarf and beanie. Cashmere set will keep him warm and looking dreamy as hell! And, don’t worry about irritation: the material is natural and soft enough even for the most sensitive hipster faces out there!

If he didn’t fall for you yet, these gifts will definitely make him worship you! Any present from the list above will turn you into a boyfriend no hipster will be able to resist!  



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