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5 Tips for Nailing Androgynous Style

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5 Tips for Nailing Androgynous Style


One of the most popular fashion styles is definitely the androgynous one. However, this is not only a fashion style, but a lifestyle as well. It’s not only the clothes that make a person androgynous, but the overall appearance, and also certain parts of their personality. Do you want to rock the gender-neutral look? Do you think that Ruby Rose and Kristen Stewart have that appearance that you would also like to have? Don’t worry, as it’s practically very easy to commit to the androgynous style. However, easy as it may be, it really does require full devotion. So, what are the 5 most important things to bear in mind?

You have to completely commit

If the androgynous look is not your default style, nor something that you usually wear, don’t be scared to try it anyway. You want to break the gender rules, and this is not a small step. Committing to this doesn’t only require wearing clothes that are unisex, it also means that you need to change your haircut as well. Why is this important? Because not committing completely to this style might break it and create a completely opposite look – one that you didn’t want in the first place. So, before you actually start with changing your style to the androgynous one, ask yourself if this is something that you really want and if you have an idea how to pull it off.

Start with the clothes

Obviously, the first thing you need to start with are clothes. Even though it’s not the only segment of the style, it’s definitely the most important one and the one that will catch everyone’s attention. So, what you want to do is pick clothes that can be worn by both men and women and give it your own personal mark. Opting for good boyfriend jeans is for example a great (and very safe) way to do this, but choose ones that you will look good in. For example, Mavi offers boyfriend jeans that are amazing for all girls, and they still look quite unisex and androgynous. You can also wear shirts – this is especially important for girls who have a bigger chest.

Speaking of shirts

Shirts play a very important part in the androgynous style. First of all, they can be combined with practically anything, so it’s a must have in your closet. Most importantly, if you’re not flat-chested, all the more reason to wear baggy shirts as you don’t want to accentuate your curves. Many girls feel uncomfortable rocking the androgynous look only because of their bosom, not knowing that a baggy shirt can make their worries go away. Another thing you need to do is opt for buttoning up your shirt. This goes for both girls and boys – it’s one of the rules of the androgynous style.

What about the hair?

This is a tricky subject and it goes in two different ways. Once you decide on your fashion and the things you are going to wear, it’s time to think about the hair. If you’re a boy who wants to rock the androgynous look, then you should have a bit longer hair – take a look at Andreja Pejic, for example. This type of hair will make any guy very androgynous, especially if they’re skinny and not buffed. On the other hand, if you’re a girl, you can always go for a pixie haircut. This will make you androgynous in a matter of time, and it works like a charm. More importantly, it’s definitely a haircut that looks good on everyone.

Accessories make your look more interesting

Finally, you can think of the accessories. Jewelry always makes your look much more complete and interesting, so you should always have at least one piece of jewelry on you. However, focus on the accessories of the opposite sex – if you’re a girl, rock the tie or bowtie, and if you’re a boy, having rings and necklaces might do the trick.


It’s not difficult to rock the androgynous look, it’s not even difficult to nail it, but make sure that you’re 100% in it. Be in it to win it!


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