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Majority of Australians have voted ‘Yes’ to same-sex marriage, poll shows

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Majority of Australians have voted ‘Yes’ to same-sex marriage, poll shows


A new poll suggests that the majority of Australians have voted in favour of marriage equality.

The country is currently taking part in a voluntary postal vote on the issue of marriage equality, and while the result won’t be binding, it will give politicians a better idea of what the public wants when they perform a vote in parliament.

A previous survey conducted in August suggested that 63% of Australians intended to vote ‘Yes’ to equality, and the results of a new poll released today appear to confirm those predictions.

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Conducted by ReachTEL and Sky News Australia, the poll found that 64.3% of those surveyed have already returned their ballot papers with a ‘Yes’ vote, while a further 6% are still planning to vote ‘Yes’.

On the other side of the debate, the poll suggests only 15.5% have returned their ballots with a ‘No’ vote, while a further 5.7% said they were still planning to vote ‘No’.

5.7% said they would not vote either way, and 2.8% said they hadn’t received a ballot.

With a sample size of 5,000, the survey is the largest since the campaign began.

The Equality Campaign also released the results of their own poll today, which suggests that 77% of enrolled Australians have already returned their ballot papers, roughly lining up with Sky News’ survey.

“We’re delighted with the turnout, it’s a real sign people understand the power of their vote,” said Tiernan Brady, the Equality Campaign’s executive director.

“People understand the power of their vote and [the poll] reflects what we’ve been hearing on the doors and on phone calls… that the vast majority of people have voted.

“The vast majority of people see this is not a normal political question. They understand that this is about real people’s lives, real people’s dignity.”

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However, he also urged people who haven’t returned their ballots to make sure they do before the 7 November deadline, or they “just won’t count”.

“We’ve always wanted a high turnout because we’ve always believed the Australian people are for marriage equality and to treat lesbian and gay people equally in law,” he added.

The official results of the survey will be announced by the Australian Bureau of Statistics on 15 November.


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