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Can Gay Friends Turn Into Lovers?


Can Gay Friends Turn Into Lovers?


How to Differentiate Between Love and Friendship

Friends or Lovers

Everyone wants their partner to be their finest friend, but is it possible for your very best friend to turn into your boyfriend? In the gay community where gay besties are a dime a dozen, taking your relationship to another level might demonstrate too risky. But is it worth your time and effort?

Best friends is there to be a shoulder to cry on. They’re here to inspire us to be a much better person, to wish bigger and to use one another as a springboard towards a faster trajectory. All of these things require us to be susceptible and to reveal certain edges of us we’d rather not show the world. When our bestie is a homosexual guy it appears natural to become mounted on them, due to the fact they’ve earned a space within our hearts and it’s only a matter of your time before it blossoms into an enchanting area.

When I was first coming to conditions with my sexuality, I found it hard for connecting emotionally to men away of fear they’d “place” my gayness. I kept a closed heart to that sort of thing. Growing up where I was raised, it was too risky for anyone to discover so imagine my surprise when I moved to Los Angeles.

I discovered a huge selection of men – free and limitless – expressing themselves in all sorts of ways. I envied them. I wanted to be like them. Because I suppressed my ability for connecting with men for such a long time, it was difficult to start to men without forming feelings over time. As I became more comfortable in my pores and skin I could separate my brain from my feelings when it came to love. But for whatever reason, that susceptible state of being peeks its head out from time to time.

It’s hard for men to open up in general, regardless of orientation. But when it boils down to it, gay besties are hard to come by. When we sense an association we’re too worried to get close out of concern with shedding whatever it is we’ve. Taking the partnership to another level proves too dangerous a move.

Most of us want our boyfriends to be our best friends, but who says they can’t be both at different phases? The parting between lovers and friends is described by us. For most people, we have our group of friends independent from our partner. The two seldom merge before relationship proves to be longterm. The last thing anyone desires is a break up that fractures both worlds.

Here’s what most of us need to learn. With regards to close romantic relationships, lust is often confused for love, especially at the start. More often than not, because they’ve seen our vulnerable state, we might secretly lust after our best friend. Because sex and love can be found in the same regions of our brains it’s easy to confuse both when either of these appear.

Love always arrives unexpectedly. I’ve known plenty of gay couples who fulfilled through the strangest of circumstances, and most of them were friends before they recognized their compatibility. But expressing your emotions towards one is like planting a seed inside their heads for the duration of your relationship. It’s important to self-investigate before making any extreme decisions. Think about it. Are you sure it’s intimate feelings or do you just want to see them naked? You don’t want to jump too deep before you’ve figured it out. The consequences of either circumstance are extreme.


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