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How to Be a Successful LGBT Entrepreneur

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How to Be a Successful LGBT Entrepreneur


Becoming entrepreneurs. Who would have thought that the whole world has the same goal in life, and only some of them will succeed in what they’ve planned to do? New businesses are starting out every single day and some of them are going to be amazing new business opportunities and huge companies. What changed in the previous decade is, besides the fact that there are more and more new companies and startups out there, the fact that LGBT people can actually make a difference and create something for themselves. This wasn’t the case ten or twenty years ago, and exactly this is why we must fight and create something meaningful. If you have always wanted to become an entrepreneur, take a look at the following guide as it will give you a couple of ideas and insights.

Why is it important to be an LGBT entrepreneur?

It is very important to have plenty of different people in charge of different startup companies. We are not talking only about ethnicity, we are also talking about sexual preferences. LGBT people are more and more common in the business sphere (Apple CEO Tim Cook came out as a gay man), and this is not only a success of an individual, it is the success of the whole community. The question arises: why would Tom Cook, or anyone else for that matter, come out as gay? Is it really that important for your business to put a label on yourself? Not necessarily, but since there are companies and CEOs who are constantly advertising “toxic masculinity”, this really does have a powerful voice to it. It is not that you will put a label on yourself and your business, but you will encourage new generations of LGBT people to fight for themselves and pursue their dreams.

What area should you choose?

As far as the business sphere is concerned, this is something that you need to decide for yourself. Without the intention to generalize, gay men are amazing in the fields of beauty and makeup, so if this is something that you want to do, you should definitely go for it. Beauty enthusiasts trust gay men very much with their hair and their faces, so it would be very easy to make yourself a certain clientele in a short period of time if you are good and if you work on yourself and your skills. However, if you want something bolder, such as cosmetic tattooing (microblading, microshading, or nanoblading are just some of the procedures), you can also pursue that. This might require some cosmetic tattoo courses but investing a bit in yourself and your knowledge and skills will pay off in the long run. It is not only important to start up your business but also work on it to make it even better and better. Do not be the sort of business who will fail after a couple of years – it is important to fight and show the world that LGBT people are amazing and can do whatever they set their minds to.

Choose your weapons

When talking about business, the question of the business weapon that you choose will arise. To some this might be good marketing, to others, it is good and high-quality staff or nice decor. This is something that you should choose or work to get all of them at the same time. We have aesthetics on our side and perhaps we only need a little boost and help from other gay friends who also have a good sense of aesthetics. Marketing should also not be a problem as there are plenty of different ways to learn more about digital marketing and how to advertise your LGBT business. Make your strategy and stay true to it. As far as the staff is concerned, you need to think about it carefully. Your staff can make or break your brand, so you should be a boss who will put quality before anything else. This will bring more customers to your business in the future, especially if you prove yourself worthy.


It’s important to be supportive of all LGBT businesses. We have been struggling for so long, and now it is time to show the world that we can do amazing things. Imagine when the time comes for us to become Presidents!



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