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Let’s talk about masturbation

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Let’s talk about masturbation


Is it OK to masturbate?

Let’s discuss this…because I’m surprised we haven’t already. Choking the poultry. Jerking off. Everyone does it, yet it’s something we don’t discuss in great detail therefore i thought, why don’t I write about it. Actually, section of the motivation from this article came from a discussion with a few other Homorazzi cast people and a couple other friends while chatting in the spa the other night time. Boy, would it have made a great Side Dish discussion, but I’ll do my better to try to cover a few of the things we talked about that night time.

It had been quite hilarious actually. We discussed certain areas of masturbation that I individually have never discussed with anyone before. Items that are specific to every individual and their own ways of….pleasing themselves.

Before I move onto these topics, I will say that I never actually masturbated until I was 18. Yup, unheard of, I understand. Not because I was a good little Catholic boy or anything (although I did grow up Catholic), but way more because I simply “didn’t know”. I didn’t understand that if I do “A” like so, for “X” amount of time, that “C” would become the result. Anyway, I eventually figured out…after someone else did it for me. Whoa. TMI.

Anyway, if some of this offends you, usually do not read on. Reader discretion is advised.


Watching movies for adults

Well, certainly porn arises in a discussion about Masturbation. Right now in this case, we talked about well known pornos or sites to go to when having that alone time. Sites like Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher emerged up, as well as (rest in peace) DudeVu, where you’d be able to watch streaming, full length porn without having to download them to your hard disk drive. This site is no more though. XTube remains to be though, if you’re in to the more amateur, and a little more “straight” stuff, which I do like occasionally. That was my thing, I’m sort of over downloading a bunch of videos and having them take up a bunch of space on my pc. I prefer having these sites to visit where I can just watch what I want to watch and then be done with it, and look for something else next time. What websites do you like?

Along with this entire porn talk, we also experienced specifics, as to like what each of us appeared for in a “worthy” video, meaning the video that you’ll actually, what’s the term again?… ejaculate. Sometimes you visit a video and you’re like, “Oh, this one might be good.” So you kinda, set it apart as the maybe, in case nothing better comes along. We had a good laugh about that one…the fact that we all did that. The additional part was what “acts” need to happen in the video to fit into your criteria. I won’t go in to the specifics of this, but I’m sure you can do you know what some of these were. What do you search for in a video?


Masturbation position

This is another aspect about “jerking off” that I had never heard discussed aloud personally before. We were all talking about what position our legs are in, whether we’re sitting or lying. It had been interesting people saying how their legs had to be open, or that their legs are far enough apart to ensure that it’s perfect for the laptop placement. Not that it’s weird, but discussing it aloud was weird, but great. Some people talked about their feet on the coffee table, or even just sitting. I had described that in one of the buildings I lived in, over the alley, a guy utilized to jerk off in his living area in front of his laptop, cross legged, which most of us agreed we thought was an awkward placement to be in.

Random or Routine?

Random or Routine Masturbation?

Do you carry out it every night? Every morning? I think for everyone it seemed to be even more of a routine matter, like at least each day or two. What I did so find interesting is how much time some of my close friends spend carrying out the deed! For me personally, I don’t want to spend an hour doing it, a half hour would be a long period for me. I just kind of have very little spare time nowadays that I don’t feel just like I have one hour to spare doing it, otherwise I probably would. Maybe I wouldn’t be as a lot of a stress case if I did though? Haha.

The other thing about this is for individuals in relationships, how often do you masturbate alone? Is usually this something that you acquired to discuss together with your partner so that it didn’t create issues?
How often do you may spend doing it and is it routine?


touch yourself for sexual pleasure

Of course your bedroom…but I’m asking, where may be the most scandalous place you have done it? I’ve heard people state they’ve done it at work, etc., so I’d be curious to know how often people do it in locations that do not are the privacy of their own house. Speaking of which, residing in a metropolitan area, we also talked about the actual fact that it’s quite feasible that if your window blinds are open up, people in the neighboring building have seen you doing his thing. If that’s the case, did you put on a display, or run and conceal? I for one have a little bit of exhibitionist in me (apparently) so let’s just say the sun was still shining in my own apartment. How about you…Blinds open or closed?


The general consensus in our discussion was that non-e of us use lube when masturbating. We all fundamentally said that it took from the knowledge, it’s messy, and it actually creates more work. But, is this a cut vs. uncut thing? Lube or no lube?