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3 Things Lesbians Know Better About Sex Than Straight Women

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3 Things Lesbians Know Better About Sex Than Straight Women


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It is no longer news that straight women can boast of great sexual experience with their male partners. What is, however, news is the fact that lesbians know a thing or two better about sex than straight women.

If otherwise, then haven’t you wondered why some straight women break up with their male partners to be in an intimate relationship with another woman? Well, in case you haven’t, the answer is pretty straightforward. They had a mind-blowing sexual interaction or encounter with a lesbian.

So what are those things lesbians know better about sex than straight women?

1. Lesbians understand that there is more to sexual intercourse than orgasm:

While it is true that orgasm is the climax of sexual excitement (i.e., it is the feeling of intense sexual pleasure which occurs during sexual activity). Lesbians do, however, understand that sensual experience is far more pleasurable than orgasm.

So, while straight women tend to focus only on getting orgasm during lovemaking with their male partners. Lesbians, on the other hand, understand the need for a more relaxed and prolonged sexual activity.

Granted straight women may acknowledge that prolonged sexual activity can be more fun-filled, but lesbians thoroughly understand that a slowed down love making process leads to a worthwhile sexual experience for both parties and allows each partner to fully appreciate the body of the other.

2. Lesbians understand the importance of foreplay during sexual activity:

It is true that epic sexual intercourse can leave a lady well satisfied. But a deep and properly executed foreplay leads to immeasurable satisfaction during sexual activity and no straight woman understands this concept better than a lesbian. Reason being that foreplay is the basic aspect of sexual intercourse between lesbians.

So, while straight women tend to favor a great end to a lovemaking session. Lesbians rather prioritize deep foreplay because they understand it results in great stimulation which sets the tone for mind-blowing sexual intercourse.

To buttress the idea of lesbians about foreplay, studies have shown that deep foreplay serves both an emotional and physical purpose which helps in preparing the body and mind for sexual activity.

3. Lesbians understand better than straight women that it isn’t out of place for a Lady to “run the show” during sexual intercourse with her partner:

It is a norm for most straight women to leave their partners to do all it takes to ensure they (most straight women) get an orgasm. But that isn’t the case with lesbians.

As a matter of fact, a lesbian knows it is better to “take matters into her hands” when a lovemaking session isn’t going as expected to ensure she is properly satisfied during sexual activities than to leave her attainment of maximum sexual pleasure at the hands of her lover.

So, while most women shy away from taking control during sexual activities. Lesbians on the other hand, completely understand the importance of women sometimes “running the show” during lovemaking.

The above is only an excerpt of the numerous things which lesbians know better about sex than most straight women.


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